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Industry Hubs

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Apparel & Textiles

Istanbul, Turkey

  • Turkey's economic and cultural heart
  • Manufacturing sector contributes to 80% of Istanbul's total exports
  • Main products: Lingerie, Underwear, Dresses, Suits, Carpets and Bedspread

Women’s Clothing

Guangzhou, China

  • Leading export hub for Apparel
  • High quality, innovative and responsive Suppliers
  • Main Products: Dresses, T-shirts and Jeans

Fashion & Apparel

Surat, Inida

  • Largest man-made fiber hub in India
  • Comprises 60% of polyester fabric production in India
  • Verified suppliers producing weaved, dyed, printed and knitted products


Quanzhou, China

  • Output value: US $32 million
  • Main Products: Sportswear, Children’s clothing and Jackets
  • Main Export Markets: Asia, EU and Africa

Wedding and Evening Dresses

Suzhou, China

  • Output Value: Over US $188 million
  • Main Products: Wedding Dresses, Evening Dresses, Men’s Suits
  • Main Export Markets: Europe, North America, Australia


Shaoxing, China

  • Annual Output Value of US $17.3 billion
  • Main Products: Fabrics, Home Textiles, Hosiery, Ties
  • China’s Largest textile industrial base and trading Center

Fashion Accessories

Yiwu, China

  • Exported to 215 countries and Regions
  • Main Products: Headwear, Neckwear and Belts
  • Largest commodity wholesale market in the World

Garment Accessories

Guangzhou, China

  • Established Production Base
  • Main Products: Lace, Rhinestones
  • Main Markets: North America, South America, Western Europe

Home Textiles

Nantong, China

  • Annual output value: US $1.7 billion
  • Main products: Home Textiles
  • Products sold in more than 100 countries and regions
  • FOB PriceUS $10.00 / Piece
    Min. Order10 Pieces
    Sample Time3 - 7 Days
  • FOB PriceUS $11.50 / Piece
    Min. Order10 Pieces
    Sample Time3 - 7 Days
  • FOB PriceUS $ 8.6 - 12.5 / Piece
    Min. Order100 Pieces
    Sample Time3 Days
  • FOB PriceUS $19.35 / Piece
    Min. Order5 Pieces
    Sample Time5 Days
  • FOB PriceUS $10.40 / Piece
    Min. Order10 Pieces
    Sample Time3 - 7 Days
  • FOB PriceUS $ 17.6 - 19.58 / Piece
    Min. Order10 Pieces
    Sample Time3 - 15 Days
  • FOB PriceUS $10.89 / Piece
    Min. Order1 Pieces
    Sample Time3 Days
  • Min. Order500 Pieces
    Sample Time7 Days
    Delivery30 Days
  • FOB PriceUS $ 7 - 10 / Piece
    Min. Order300 Pieces
    Sample Time3 Days
  • Min. Order300 Pieces
    Sample Time5 - 7 Days
    Delivery18 - 20 Days
Brand Suppliers
  • Selected High-Quality Suppliers
    Industry leading enterprises with strong export experience.
  • Well-Known Brand Suppliers
    Enterprises with comprehensive R&D capabilities and established brands.
One of China’s leading sports brand enterprises, in alliance with NBA.
Produces some of China’s most well-known knitted fabrics and apparel.