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Supply a world leader in specialty chemical and materials --- Grace
Grace is a premier specialty chemicals and materials company with products used by millions of people every day.
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Sourcing Requirements by Technology
Item Description Quantity Comment
Cable 18/15 7300 volt, 80 degrees Celcius rated,18 Awg/seven strand copper... 5000/year Looking for long term partnership
2-methylindene CAS RN 2177-47-1 200 For lab test use
Chemical Pseudo boehmite Alumina /Powder /AL2O3 1500/MT Looking for long term partnership
...... ...... ...... ......
Registration Period
Sep 27,2007- 0:00 -- Oct15, 2007-23:59 (Beijing Time)Register now
Supplier Requirements
1.Understands and supports Grace purchase patterns. Looking for long-term cooperation and cooperative development
2.Manufacturers/Factories only (no trading companies)
3.Superior product quality and competitive prices
4.Social and environmental responsibility
5.Holds export certification.
Company Profile
In 1986, Grace China Limited became the first wholly owned foreign company to do business within the People's Republic of China.

Grace is a premier specialty chemicals and materials company noted for
experienced people,global reach and strong relationships.

A good packaging choice guaranteed
Grace Darex is known as the world's leading supplier of sealants and coatings for cans and closures to the packaged food and beverage industry. Every year, more than 300 billion packages from Grace are used worldwide.

World first-class building materials supplier
Grace Performance Chemicals has supplied top quality materials to the commercial and the residential construction industry for more than 50 years. From small home repairs to the largest construction projects, Grace Performance Chemicals has products to help.

Global specialty chemical supplier
Grace Davison is a well-known company with a long history. It is the second longest continually operating chemical company in the United States and has these major product groups: Discovery Sciences, Engineered Materials, Specialty Catalysts and Refining Technology.

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