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Trade in China

  • Nowadays, Guangxi has established business connections with 205 countries and districts spread all over the five continents, exporting 4000-plus kinds of commodities in six categories as Minerals and Chemicals
  • Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-products; Textiles and Garments; Light Industrial Products, Arts and Crafts; Medicines and Health Products and Machinery and Electronic Products. Among them barite, talcum, gum rosin, non-ferrous metals account for a large proportion in the global trade. Click to continue
  • Location:
  • Southeast China( Guangxi)
  • Industry:
  • Home&Garden; Timepieces,Jewelry,Eyewear; Chemicals ;Construction&Real Estate

Latest Products from China

  • Big Headphone
  • Big Headphone Foldable Design : 1.nice looking with high quality 2.clear sound listening
  • Wireless Voting System
  • 1.Support 400 users
    2.ID number programmable 3.Attendance checking 4.Power Point plug in
  • oat beta glucan
  • 1.100% natural soluble in water
    2. can be used in conjunction with other active ingredients; tests show that oat beta-glucan on the skin and eyes without stimulation
    3.high 70% beta glucan white powder
    4.Make face more white than arbutin
  • Stripe Coffee Mug
  • 13oz new bone china V shape mug for coffee with strip decal printing.
  • Inflatable water slide
  • The largest inflatable water slide in the world,  best quality. CE certificate,  Fast delivery.
  • steel fence
  • Spear top steel fence 1.Size:1.8m(H)x2.4m(W), 2.1m(H)x2.4m(W) 2. 40x40mm rail, 25x25mm picket 3. 60x60mm,65x65mm,80x80mm post
  • Gold Melting Furnace
  • Specially used to smelt or heat steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, etc. metal materials
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