Buy wholesale online!’s Escrow Service

What is’s Escrow Service?

The Escrow service on is powered by, a leading third-party online payment platform from the Alibaba Group.

It provides protection for both buyers and suppliers engaged in international trade.

  • Escrow holds buyers’ payments until both parties have verified that the transaction is complete.
  • This service is now available for Express and Sea Freight shipping methods.

How to use

You can start an Escrow order from either of the following locations:

1Supplier's Company Website

2Product Details Page

Buyer Testimonials

  • Leandro Rey
    I am a buyer located 3,000km from China. If there was no Escrow and the situation was that a shipment of product is delayed and already paid for, I would be panicking by now. But no panic, I feel protected by Escrow so I have the patience to wait for the supplier to ship out the harvester.
  • George
    I choose to use’s Escrow Service because I do not know the supplier of goods and I do not know whether it exists or this is just someone presenting himself as a factory. The service is excellent. I plan on using’s Escrow Service again.
  • Arthur D
    Products purchased: Chocolate Storage Tank “I chose Escrow because it was my first time importing from China and I wanted to be 100% sure about my order. After using it, I found that it is very safe and convenient. I was satisfied with it. I would surely use it again.”