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How do I become a member of Alibaba.com?

To become a free member of Alibaba.com, complete the following steps:

  • 1. Click "Join Free" on our home page; Select your country/region; Select either "Supplier," "Buyer" or "Both";
  • 2. Complete the registration form, then click "Create My Account".
  • To become a premium member (Gold Supplier or Verified Member), please click:http://www.alibaba.com/trade/servlet/page/static/paid_memberships/index

    I had problems registering my Alibaba.com account.

    We are sorry to hear that you are having problems registering. If you are seeing this error:"", it means your email address is already registered on our site. You may either Sign in directly, or you can change to another email address to register a new account.

    How do I sign in properly?

    After you are registered with Alibaba.com you can sign in using your email address or Member ID, as well as the password you created.

    To Sign In:

  • 1. Go to the Sign In page.
  • Important: Be sure the web address of the Sign In page starts with https://login.alibaba.com
  • 2. Enter your email address/Member ID and password. Make sure the "Caps Lock" is not on as passwords are case sensitive) and do not include blank spaces before or after your password.
  • 3. Click the "Sign in" button.
  • I had problems signing in to Alibaba.com.

    We are sorry to learn that you are having problems logging in your account. Please check the below possible situation accordingly:

    a) If you have forgotten your password, please take the following steps to retrieve it:

  • 1. Click the Forgot password? link below the Sign in box:
  • 2.Enter your Member ID or registered email address, and then click "Next". Our system will send an email to your registered email address
  • 3. Open the email and click the link that appears in the body of the message
  • 4. You will then be guided through the setting up of your new password.
  • b) If you have forgotten your Member ID, use your registered email address with your password to sign in to your account.

    How do I modify my account info (email address, password, company profile)?

    To modify your registered country/region, email address, phone number, and contact person details in your Member Profile, take the following steps:

    • 1. Sign in to Account Settings section.
    • 2. Select "Change Email Address" to change your registered email address. For other information, please select "Member Profile" to modify accordingly.
    • 3. You will see your profile information listed on the right. Click the "Edit" button at the bottom of the information.
    • 4. Modify your profile information accordingly and click "Submit" to save

    To modify your company information, please make sure that you are under the supplier version of MyAlibaba. Then you can follow the below steps:

    • 1. Sign in to Company & Website
    • 2. Complete the form and edit the information needed;
    • 3. Click "Submit" button.
    How do I change my country/region?

    Please be advised that the registered country cannot be changed from China to other country [OR] region cannot be changed to China, either.

    How do I cancel/close my account?

    If you want to cancel your membership, please follow the steps below:

    • 1.Sign into Member Profile page of your Alibaba account;
    • 2.Click "Deactivate Account" in this page;
    • 3.Select a cancellation reason at "Please tell us your reason for wanting to deactivate your Alibaba.com membership" then click "confirm".
    How do I reactivate my account?

    We are sorry to learn that your account was disabled. To get the issue resolved, please follow the below instructions:

    • a). Please sign in your account first to check if there is an entrance "Appeal for Account reactivation". If you have this option, please click it to submit the related information needed so that our relevant Account Checking team can help you process accordingly.

    • b). If your account was disabled according to your own request or disabled by you yourself, please reply to the notification received and the service team will help you reopen the account accordingly.

    How do I search products?

    To search and contact suppliers through Alibaba.com, please follow the instructions below:

    • 1. Go to www.alibaba.com
    • 2. Enter the product name in our search bar
    • 3. Click "Search"

    You can then sort the results by supplier location, payment method, product category etc. Also, you can choose to check the supplier's company search results:

    Try Advanced Search by Click Here

    What do I do if I cannot find suitable products?

    Sourcing the right supplier can be time-consuming and difficult, especially when you are looking for customized products. AliSourcePro makes it easy. Start by posting a Buying Request here; once it's approved, suppliers on our site can start sending you quotes.

    The quotations will be audited by Alibaba.com. We'll pick out the best ten and send you those. You can compare the quotations, contact the supplier for further information, request samples and even order online.

    I want to buy products wholesale.

    Wholesale Checkout offers low MOQs at wholesale prices. Your payment will be protected by Alibaba.com's Escrow service until you receive your order and confirm satisfaction.To check out Wholesale Checkout, please click here:http://www.alibaba.com/wholesalecheckout

    After clicking 'Buy Now' on the product detailed page, you' ll be directed to submit an online order.

    I want to buy unique and/or custom designed products.

    When you are searching products on the site, sometimes it is not easy to find products with a unique design. Expo-Center displays products from suppliers who have undegone a third-party verification process called Supplier Assessment. Suppliers in Expo-Center will respond to buyers within 24 hours.
    Find unique products on Alibaba.com:click here

    I want to stay up-to-date with the latest business trends.

    Trade Alerts are FREE updates on trending hot products, Buying Requests and supplier information - sent directly to your email inbox!

    Trade Alerts contain:

  • - Newly added products
  • - Trends and demand for products
  • - Supplier information
  • - Latest Buying Requests
  • Subscribe to Trade Alert now at: Trade Alert Section

    How can I find verified suppliers?

    Alibaba.com has developed the Refine Search function to help you find third-party verified suppliers. In the search results of a specific product or supplier, you will find the Refine search section:

    Gold Supplier: the paid members who have been authenticated and verified by a third-party agency, to ensure they are legit, existing companies.
    A & V Checked: suppliers (including free members and paid members) who have been authenticated and verified by a third-party agency, to ensure they are legitimate companies.

    Onsite Checked: suppliers that have been visited by Alibaba.com's staff to ensure onsite operations exist there, and are also verified by third-party inspectors to ensure legal status.

    Assessed Supplier: suppliers who have been assessed by a third-party inspection company. You can download a Supplier Assessment Report from their Company Profile page.

    How can I ensure the products are of good quality?

    When you trade with China's mainland suppliers, you can use Inspection Service to check out the products before shipment. With Inspection Service, you can order services from professional third-party inspectors directly. The inspector will visit the manufacturing and/or port facilities anywhere in China and make reports including pictures to certify that the goods being produced and shipped reach quality standards.To find an inspector, click http://inspection.alibaba.com/.

    How do I find a supplier who responds quickly?

    If you are concerned about how long it takes for suppliers to respond to you, you can refer to their quick response rate on the product page.

    The quick response rate displays how many inquiries are replied to by the supplier within 48 hours. The supplier can choose whether or not to display this rate.

    How can I check the supplier's actual export information?

    As a buyer, you can search your targeted supplier's real customs data and do a capability assessment via Customs Data at http://customs.alibaba.com/. The suppliers contained in this database are companies who have made sea shipments to US, and some of them are already registered members of Alibaba.com.

    How do I send messages to suppliers?

    After finding suppliers at Alibaba.com, you can send them messages by clicking on the "Contact Supplier" button

    How do I chat with the supplier online?

    You can chat with suppliers in real time via our chat tool, TradeManager which you can download from here http://trademanager.alibaba.com/. Click "Chat Now" to start chatting with the supplier.

    Can I call the supplier?

    You can contact suppliers using the phone number listed in the "Contact Details" section on the supplier's company page.

    How can I send inquiries to multiple suppliers?

    We provide different services for you to send inquiries to multiple suppliers.

  • 1. Compare: To learn more about Compare, please check at:http://news.alibaba.com/article/detail/help/100580696-1-how-compare-products-suppliers.html
  • 2. Inquiry Cart: To learn more about Inquiry Cart, please check at: http://news.alibaba.com/article/detail/help/100579796-1-what-inquiry-cart%253F.html
  • 3. Favorite: In case if you forget the searched products, you can add the interested products into the Favorite and check them in the future. You can also use Compare function here.
  • How can I pay for my order safely?

    The level of protection varies across the different types of payment methods available. We strongly recommend buyers to conduct their own due diligence on the seller and the payment method before making a purchase.

    Using Alibaba.com's Escrow Service is a relatively safe way to protect your payments. Escrow holds buyers' payments while orders are being processed. After the order is received and buyer is satisfied with the order, the buyer can confirm the order and the money will be released. Click http://www.alibaba.com/help/safety_security/products/escrow.html for more information about Escrow on Alibaba.com.

    There are other types of payment methods as well, including Telegraphic Transfer (TT) and Letter of Credit (L/C). Learn more here: http://www.alibaba.com/help/safety_security/class/buying/pay_ship/002.html

    How do I use the e-Credit Line "source now, pay later" service?

    Alibaba provide e-Credit Line service which is a service that buyer can purchase from China suppliers but pay for the order a few months later, however seller can receive at most 80% of the payment within 3 days after shipment. This service resolves cash flow issue for buyers and sellers. Simply the procedure of e-Credit Line is:

  • 1. Buyer applies for e-Credit Line on Alibaba.com to obtain the qualification to use e-Credit Line;
  • 2. Find a China supplier who accept e-Credit Line and sell the product they need;
  • 3. Place online e-Credit Line order and sign the contract;
  • 4. Supplier ship the goods and Alibaba.com make payment of 80% of the order value to the supplier;
  • 5. Buyer receives the goods;
  • 6. Buyer makes the repayment of the total order value to Alibaba.com after the OA terms range from 30 to 120 days;
  • 7. Alibaba makes the remaining 20% payment to supplier.
  • To lean details of e-Credit Line, please refer to http://credit.alibaba.com/buyer.htm

    How can I guarantee that I can receive the products after making payment?

    Alibaba.com has just introduced a service called AliSecure which helps buyers reduce the risk of not receiving products after making payment. Suppliers need to pay a security deposit to Alibaba.com. When a buyer places order with a supplier, the buyer can ask for the security deposit to be frozen before he pays the supplier. If the supplier doesn't ship the products after receiving the deposit, the buyer can claim their deposit back.This service encourages transactions based on trust, shortens order negotiation time and improves order conversion rates. Click here for more information.

    How can I use Alibaba Logistics Service?

    Integrate Alibaba Logistics Service with AliSourcePro

  • 1.Buyer Request sample > Solution Selection > Submit sample request form
  • 2.AliSourcePro provides sample and logistics requirements to supplier > Supplier orders logistics solution and delivers goods
  • To learn more about our logistics Service, please visit here.

    How can I leave feedback after ordering online?

    To leave feedback for a supplier, you must first complete the transaction online with the supplier via Alibaba.com?ˉs Escrow service. After you confirm your order has been received, you will have 30 days to leave feedback on that order. If the deadline is missed, you will no longer be allowed to rate that transaction. Please note: you can leave feedback for the same supplier multiple times, but only one per transaction.

    For the detailed steps of leaving feedback, you canClick Here.

    How do I submit a complaint or Trade Dispute on Alibaba.com?

    We are sorry to learn that you have experienced or been involved in trade disputes on our site. Please be advised that all disputes must be submitted by the complainants to our Complaint Center for processing. We will have our Trade Dispute Team help you with your case. To submit a complaint, please follow these steps:

  • 1. Sign in to Complaint Center with the same Alibaba.com account used to contact the supplier;
  • 2. Choose the reason for your complaint and click Next
  • 3. Fill out the complaint form with all relevant details and submit
  • What can I do if I find a suspicious supplier or don't trust them?

    Alibaba.com spares no effort in preventing dishonest suppliers. To better check out the suspicious suppliers, we open the report link online and have other professional teams to handling these reports. If you find this supplier at Alibaba.com, please open the product page of the supplier and click "Report Suspicious Activity" button. Upon receipt of your report, our relevant department will investigate this issue as soon as possible.

    Your understanding and coopertion on this matter will be highly appreciated.

    What can I do if my information was misused by other members?

    We are sorry to learn that your information was misused by other members.

    If your company name or company address has been used by another member without your consent, please get live help with our service representatives.

    If your contact number (including phone number or fax number) was misused by Alibaba member, please click here to report this to Alibaba team.

    After you successfully submit the complaint, you can check for updates or provide further information in your Complaint Center

    The supplier has posted patented products.

    Alibaba.com respects the intellectual property rights of others, and we expect our users to do the same. We are always happy to work with intellectual property rights owners to combat alleged counterfeit / infringement appearances on our website under and within the laws and our policy.

    In order to protect the rights of IPR owners, we have created online IPR infringement report system ("Aliprotect"). You could submit it via AliProtect at http://legal.alibaba.com/index_en_US.html,which would allow involving parties to handle such kind of claims effectively and efficiently with transparency.

    How do I sell products?

    We are glad to learn that you want to promote your business via our site. Alibaba.com provides a business information platform for you to display your products and find buyers. To learn how to sell, you may visit: Learning to sell

    How do I better selling?

    You can either apply for our Verified Member at http://www.alibaba.com/vm or Paid Supplier at http://www.alibaba.com/help/premium_memberships.html?tracelog=24581_foot_pre_membership which can better help your selling.

    My company/product postings were rejected.

    We are sorry to learn that your company/products postings were rejected. Please be firstly advised that your postings on our site shouldn't contain any restricted or banned information of Alibaba.com. You may check our Product Listing Policy

    If you are still unable to know what part of the profile should be modified, you may reply to the notification email you received and we will follow up accordingly.

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