1-14 strips pH Test paper pH Indicator Paper Chemical lab Scientific lab

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US $1.9-3 / Box | 100 Box/Boxes (Min. Order)
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100000 Unit/Units per Month
Guangzhou or shanghai
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pH 1-14
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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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IndicatorLow pH colorTransition pH rangeHigh pH color
Gentian violet (Methyl violet 10B)yellow0.0–2.0blue-violet
Leucomalachite green (first transition)yellow0.0–2.0green
Leucomalachite green (second transition)green11.6–14colorless
Thymol blue (first transition)red1.2–2.8yellow
Thymol blue (second transition)yellow8.0–9.6blue
Methyl yellowred2.9–4.0yellow
Bromophenol blueyellow3.0–4.6purple
Congo redblue-violet3.0–5.0red
Methyl orangered3.1–4.4orange
Bromocresol greenyellow3.8–5.4blue
Methyl redred4.4–6.2yellow
Methyl redred4.5–5.2green
Bromocresol purpleyellow5.2–6.8purple
Bromothymol blueyellow6.0–7.6blue
Phenol redyellow6.8–8.4red
Neutral redred6.8–8.0yellow
Naphtholphthaleincolorless to reddish7.3–8.7greenish to blue
Cresol Redyellow7.2–8.8reddish-purple
Alizarine Yellow Ryellow10.2–12.0red
9PH Indicator PaperPHreel indicator pater( wideth1.23m)100kg/roll
10PH Indicator Paper  1-14Universal Indicator Paper1000book/case
11PH Indicator Paper  1-14Universal Indicator Paper100 strips/box
12PH Indicator Paper  1-14Universal Indicator Paper1000 rolls/case
13PH Indicator Paper  1-14Universal Indicator Paper100 strips/bottle
14PH Indicator Paper  0-14Universal Indicator Paper1000 rolls/case
15PH Indicator Paper 4.0-9.0Special Indicator Paper100 strips/box
16PH Indicator Paper 4.0-10.04.0-4.5-5.0-5.5...8.5-9.0-9.5-10.050 strips/bottle
17PH Indicator Paper 4.5-9.04.5-5.0-5.5-6.0-6.5-7.0-7.5-8.0-8.5-9.0100 strips/box
18PH Indicator Paper 5.5-9.0Special Indicator Paper100 strips/box
19PH Indicator Paper 5.5-9.0Special Indicator Paper1000book/case
20PH Indicator Paper 5.5-9.0Special Indicator Paper100 strips/box
21PH Indicator Paper 5.5-9.0Special Indicator Paper1000 rolls/case
22PH Indicator Paper 7.5-9.57.5-7.9-8.2-8.4-8.6-8.8-9.1-9.5 100 strips/box
23PH Indicator Paper 7.5-9.57.5-7.9-8.2-8.4-8.6-8.8-9.1-9.5 50 strips/bottle
24Special Indicator PaperPH 3.8-5.480 sheet/box
25Special Indicator PaperPH 5.5-9.080 sheet/box
26Special Indicator PaperPH 6.4-8.080 sheet/box
27Phenolphthalein paper 80 sheet/box
28Litmus Neutral Paper5.0-8.080 sheet/box
29Litmus Red Paper5.0-8.080 sheet/box
30Litmus Blue Paper 80 sheet/box
31Congo Red paper3.0-5.080 sheet/box
32Potassium iodide starch paper 80 sheet/box
33Saliva and Urine Indicator paper 5.5-8.05.5-5.8-6.0-6.2-6.4...7.6-7.8-8.85m/roll
34Saliva and Urine Indicator paper 5.5-8.05.5-5.8-6.0-6.2-6.4...7.6-7.8-8.8100 strips/box