100% Natural black berry q10

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100000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month
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Herbal Extract
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Solvent Extraction
Place of Origin:
China (Mainland), Shaanxi China (Mainland)
Food Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade
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100% pass 80 mesh
98% Coenzyme Q10
Shelf Life:
2 years when properly stored
Active ingredient:
Coenzyme Q10
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black berry q10
Natural black berry q10
100% Natural black berry q10
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
25kgs/drum, inner by double plastic bag, 1~20kg by aluminum foil vacuum bag.
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3-5 working days


100% Natural black berry q10
Manufacturer from 2005
KOSHER and ISO9001
100% GMO Free
1000kg in Stock


100% Natural black berry q10
1.Product Name: coenzyme q10
3.Appearance: Yellow powder
4.Function: Antioxidant,treat cardiovascular
5.Standard: USP31/BP2007/EP6
6. Chemical Name: 2,3-Dimethoxy-5-Methyl-6-Decaprenyl benzoquinone
7. Molecular Formula: C59H90O4
8. Molecular Weight: 863.36
9. Standard: USP31/BP2007/EP6,CP2005,JP14

Product Spec.

98% coenzyme q10
10% Co q10 (Water-soluble)
20% Co q10 (Water-soluble)




coenzyme q10 (referred to as Coq10) is a vitamin-like substance widely distributed in human bodies, concentrated especially in heart tissues. It is the only natural nutrition sold on the market with the function of activating cell respiration and anti free radical oxidation. Known as the “protector of the heart” and the “magic nutrient”, coenzyme q10 performs well in heart care, anti-aging, anti-fatigue and immunity enhancing. The amount of coenzyme q10 has already been taken as an important indicator of good health in Europe and the US.


Main Function


1. coenzyme q10 is used by cells to produce energy needed for cell growth and maintenance.
2. coenzyme q10 is also used by the body as an antioxidant in cosmetics.
3. As drugs for treatment of disease of lungs and heart.
4. coenzyme q10 is preventive for cancer, diabetes, parkinsonism etc.
5. coenzyme q10 is also good additive for healthcare foods.




coenzyme q10 as a dietary supplement to support cardiovascular and periodontal functions. coenzyme q10is an essential to human life. It plays a role in the electron transport chain, one of the body's energy-producing cycles that converts food into energy. Research indicates that supplementation with this nutrient may support normal heart function and provide antioxidant protection.


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---100% Natural Source.
---100% Natural GMO Free.
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---Manufacturer from 2005.
---All the products conform KOSHER and ISO9001 Certificate.


Transport and Payment


1. Small package send by EMS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.
2. Cargo send by Air or By Sea is all available.
3. Delivery time about 7 working days By Air, 30 days By sea.
4. Payment available for Western Union, T/T, Paypal, etc.


Package and Storage


1. 25kgs/drum, inner by double plastic bag, 1-20kg by aluminum foil vacuum bag.
2. Stored in a cool & dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light/heat.
3. Shelf life: Two years under well storage situation.



No.Product NameActive IngredientsSpecification
01Grape Seed ExtractOPC95%
02Milk Thistle ExtractSilymarinDAB10 EP6.0 USP3.2
Water-Soluble SilymarinUV20%-45%
03Green Coffee Bean ExtractChlorogenic Acid10%-50%
04Clary Sage ExtractSclareol95%
05100% Natural black berry q10
07Echinacea ExtractPolyphenols4%, 7%
Cichoric Acid2%, 4%
08Olive Leaf ExtractOleuropein15%-40%
Hydroxytyrosol10%, 20%, 30%, 98%
09Aloe ExtractAloin25%
10Ginseng ExtractGinsenosides80% UV
11Bilberry ExtractAnthocyanin25%
12Cranberry ExtractAnthocyanin25%
13Green Tea ExtractTea Polyphenol50%-98%
14Apple ExtractApplephenon70-80%
15Pine Bark ExtractOPC95%
16Pomegranate ExtractEllagic Acid40%
Polyphenols40%, 60%
Punicalagin30%, 40%
17Black Cohosh Extract27-Deoxyactein1%, 2%
Triterpenoid saponis2.5%, 5%, 8%
18Soybean ExtractIsoflavone40%
19Epimedium ExtractIcariin5%, 10%, 20%, 50%, 98%
20St John’s Wild ExtractHypericin0.3%
21Ginkgo Biloba ExtractGinkgetin/ Ginkgolides24%/6% HPLC
22LuteinLutein5% , 10% , 20% 80%
23LycopeneLycopene5%, 10%, 20%
24Tribulus Terrestris ExtractSaponins40% , 60% , 90%
25Rhodiola ExtractSalidroside1%, 3%
.......and so on.... and so on.... and so on