2 way 3224MHz 4K 8K splitter

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The package sizes are depended on the products.
2SPFW : 80 cm * 57 cm * 25 cm / inner package
4SPFW : 100 cm * 58 cm * 26 cm / inner package
6SPFW : 148 cm * 57 cm * 26 cm / inner package
Depends on products (Nagoya, Ho Chi Minh, Ningbo)
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RF Technology " For 4K , 8K "




Change of receiving style, from customer's point of view, and receiving technology cultivated along with TV history.

4K and 8K Customers are heightened interest in 4K broadcasting based on starting of trial 4K broadcasting launched by satellite broadcasting since 2014 in Japan.
A frequency range covered by conventional TV receiving equipment is mainly applicable to 2602MHz but not up to 3224MHz which is required to receive 4K and 8K satellite broadcasting services scheduled to launch on BS and 110°CS broadcasting in the future in Japan.
Accordingly, MASPRO DENKOH, ahead of the industry, launched splitters, directional couplers and wall outlets applicable to 3224MHz in 2015. These product line, adding equipment required for in-house construction, provides early response to 4K and 8K satellite broadcasting for house equipment.
MASPRO DENKOH strives to develop products applicable to various broadcasting in response to the market needs promptly.







New release of splitters, directional couplers

and wall outlets compatible

with 4K and 8K satellite broadcasting (3224MHz)

In signal reception of 4K and 8K satellite broadcasting, it is necessary to prepare applicable receiving equipment as well as TVs built-in tuners compatible with 4K and 8K satellite broadcasting.

This information provides typical product information we developed especially for Japan.
Should you have any intention to order, feel free to contact us 

MASPRO, ahead of the generation of super-resolution TVs, launched new receiving equipment, such as 6 models of splitters, 3 models of directional couplers and 4 models of wall outlets, compatible with 4K and 8K satellite broadcasting (3224MHz) in this May.








UHF Amplifier " UTB35W "



Prevents signal interference and offers excellent shielding

Useful metal case and F-type input / output connectors effect an excellent shielding provides resistance to extraneous signals and reduces the amount of picture interference.

Applies two output connectors
Two output connectors provide boosted signals are evenly split between electrical equipment such as a television and a recorder.

Easy to use gain control knob

A large size gain control knob is mounted on the top.This allows every users to adjust gain easily while fixing television pictures.





Reception ChannelsE ch.2-12E ch.21-58E ch.59-69
A ch.2-13A ch.14-63A ch.64-83
C ch.1-12C ch.13-45C ch.46-59
Gain-22 - 35dB
Gain Control Range-0 - 10dB
Insertion Loss3-6dB-
Operating Input Level-36-60dBμV
(70dBμV at the minimum gain)
Maximum Output Level-95dBμV
Cross Modulation-46dB or less
Noise Figure-3dB3.8dB
Input / Output Impedance75Ω(F-type connector)
Power Requirements220V AC / 50Hz
Temperature Range0 - 40℃
WeightApprox. 520g


FM / VHF / UHF Amplifier for home use

" WTB202W & WTB204W "




Name: FM / VHF / UHF BOOSTER ( Amplification : FM/VHF/UHF )
Model: WTB202W , WTB204W


Main Features

Lightning Protection :

Durable lightning protection design provides customers with continuous TV signal reception .


Frequency coverage 40-900MHz ( FM / VHF / UHF )

The indoor booster ideally amplifies FM and VHF as well as UHF in conventional products so that it is suited for various radio wave environment. The indoor booster is also capable receivers for both analog and digital broadcasting.


2/4 Output terminals :

The indoor booster splits amplified signals equally into 2/4 ( 2 outputs for WTB202W, 4 outputs for WTB204W ) output terminals which enable connections more than one TV and/or recording products .


Specifications :


Gain : 18 - 22 dB
Dimensions : 39(H)x151(W)x90(D)mm
Weight : WTB202W Approx. 330g , WTB204W Approx. 340g
Power Requirements : AC 220-240V
Power Rating: 3W
Plug Type : Type BF
Certification :  CE




Related Products


TV Antenna

VHF / UHF TV Antenna with Amplifier " VU3BWJ "


Japanese Quality " Designed by MASPRO Japan . "

Built-in Booster   " Built-in Booster adjusts splitted signal losses . "

Easy to Set UP     " Included 14m coaxial cable with a connector makes an antenna installation easy . "

Multi Dipole          " 4 Traps provide VHF and UHF wide-band reception . "


Aluminum Boom  " Aluminum boom is light and sturdy . "


Specifications :






Reception Channels

E ch.5 - 12

(174 - 230MHz)

E ch.21 - 62

(470 - 806MHz)

Antenna Gain

0.1 - 2.7dBi

1.6 - 6.9dBi

Total Gain

15 - 22dBi

12 - 20dBi


3 or less

Operating Output Level


Output Impedance

75Ω ( F  - type )

Power Requirements

DC 5V - DC 12V    < 23 mA

Temperature Range

0 - +40 ℃



Indoor Antenna " UTA2 ( B ) "



 " UTA2 ( B ) "

Reception Channels: Ch13 - 52
Polarization : Horizontal / Vertical
Output Impedance : 75Ω
Amplifier gain : 15-20dB ( UTA2B )
Out Dimensions : 196 (H) x 105(W) x 71 (D) mm ( with the base for standing and receiving horizontal polarization )
Weight : Approximately 170g ( with the base for standing ) < Approx . 190g for UTA2B >




Outdoor Antenna " SKY WALLIE "


Change of receiving style , from customer's point of view , and receiving technology cultivated along with TV history .

In 1953, Japan's first television broadcast started . Takashi Hashiyama , our founder of the company , had his eyes on this new media and he began the manufacture and sale of TV receiving antenna on January 1954 . In 1960 commercial TV broadcasting in color was launched in Tokyo and Osaka . With 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games held in Tokyo , while the sales of color television rapidly expanded , MASPRO DENKOH put painted color TV antenna into the market for the first time in the world and proved to be a great success . Since then , when speaking of the antenna , the fish - bone - shape antenna became the norm for installing TV antennas . Today , however , with the complete switch off to digital television broadcasting on July 2011 , shapes of TV antennas began to diversify , a wide variety of antennas shaped in flat and box which are made of resin appeared in the market . Among them , the wall-mount type "SKY WALLIE" released in 2009 has become so popular compared with conventionally installed roof-top . In addition , this antenna enables to satisfy our customers particular about the exterior of house with the form in harmony with modern housings as well as the body colors of warm white, beige and black .








 Wireless Technology " Security Equipment "





We propose a new wireless sensor architecture that is especially designed for the task of security.

Security Series


In recent years, network cameras are not only expanded to the home of crime prevention, but also to safety management in regard to regional securities, factories, and facilities. MASPRO DENKOH in such a background, as the first step of home security equipment, launched a break-in alert monitor “MihaChao!” in 2011, and the home security equipment of indoor/external use in succession. In 2013, launched the middle range town security cameras (TS2CC2) to provide a total security, we have therefore full-scale entry into the security field.
MASPRO DENKOH, in this security field to build up a branding of new "MASPRO", aiming to fulfill a secure and safe livable society from here on, deals with development of various security equipment such as anticrime, nursing care, watching over, etc.



Digital and RF Technology " RFID Equipment "





We propose the most ideal RFID solution system on demand .


RFID is one of the automatic identification technology which reads and writes data of RF tags by wireless communication . RFID system which utilizes radio waves unlike barcode , reads tags even if their surfaces soil or are covered by nonmetal materials . It is not necessary to exactly direct a reader to tags in order to read , which enables management at invisible or unreachable place . Furthermore , multiple reading of many tags at once shortens working hours . Taking advantage of in - house development such as antennas , reader - writers , software , etc ., MASPRO DENKOH provides the most ideal RFID solution for the market demand .


Other Products of  "MASPRO"



MASPRO DENKOH , through the use of radio waves, aims to become a company that continues to meet the needs of the society of tomorrow and strives to develop products that our customers are gratified with .


Manufacture , Sales , and Construction


TV Receiving Equipment / TV Antennas, CATV Devices / Work, ITS Devices, Security Equipment , Satellite Receivers / Communications Devices , Internet Equipment , Broadcasting Repeater Devices ,


Company Information


Maspro Denkoh Corp. founded in 1953, as a manufacturer of television reception equipment which includes TV antennas, for more than a half of century, we have been growing along with the development of the Japanese television culture. Furthermore, the high-frequency technology , which has been cultivated in the meantime, high product quality is a strength that we have , MASPRO is , as a top of the TV reception equipment brand in Japan , we will support the fact to maintain its position .



Location of Head Office
80 Jono Asada-cho, Nisshin City
Aichi Prefecture 470-0194 (for Head Office only) Japan
Administrative Department TEL:81-52-802-2222

155 , U.D.A. Industrial Estate , Katuwana Road , Homagama , Sri Lanka


Plot 302 , Road 7A , Amata Industrial Park , Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City ,
Dong Nai Province , Vietnam.


Our Facilities :






Establishing Next generation core competence with state - of - the - art environment .

MASPRO DENKOH has been conducting research and development , in our core competences consist of RF , wireless and digital technologies , and in various new area . Electromagnetic Wave1 Measurement Facilities , the core of our research and development , opened on April 2012 . In this Electromagnetic Wave Measurement Facilities consist of three anechoic chambers : " Anechoic chamber for microwave measuring , " one of the largest chambers of its kind in Japan , provides a car turntable , " Anechoic chamber for near field measuring ," as if you are receiving satellite signals , enables measuring omni - directivity . And " 3 meter semi - anechoic chamber " enables reliable EMC testing in compliance with international standards MASPRO DENKOH , taking advantage of the capacity of this building , we actively engage in the research and development of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) related equipment and the next generation TV receiving antennas and we are committed to establish next generation core competence as well as to become the world's best quality , high - performance manufacturer.





MASPRO have own art museum " MASPRO MUSEUM " in the building of our head office to introduce Japanese old culture for our world customers etc ..
In the museum there are lot of traditional UKIYOE and traditinal china and porcelain.
We are looking forward to your arrival.