2013 New Smart push button remote alarm motorcycle with engine start and car alarm

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US $12-14 / Set | 10 Set/Sets (Min. Order)
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100000 Set/Sets per Month
Quick Details
Gps Navigator
Hand Held
Screen Size:
7 inch
Touch Screen
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
shaen-engine start stop
function 1:
Passive Door Locking
function 2:
Unlocks Doors Automatically
function 3:
Immobilizer Function
function 4:
Engine Push Start Button
function 5:
Hi-classify Safety
function 6:
Convenient Access Key
function 7:
Alarm Accuracy
function 8:
Unclosed Door Alarm
function 9:
Locks After First Braking
function 10:
Low Battery Reminder
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3 days


engine start stop system
1.Passive Door Lock
2.Unlock Doors Automatically
3.remote alarm motorcycle

2013 New Smart push button with engine start and car alarm

1.    What's car smart key systems ?

 Could start or stop the engine by simply push the start button. Completely abolish the ignition keys. The system will verify if there is legal access key in the car before allowed to start. It can guarantee the safety.

Engine Push Start System, many luxury cars already have it as standard option, such as Mercedes-Benz, BWM, Volvo, Lexus and so on.remote alarm motorcycle

2.   Main Functions
1. Passive Door Locking remote alarm motorcycle
By simply walking over 1.5 to 2 meters away from your car, doors will automatically lock and ARM the security system. remote alarm motorcycle
2. Unlocks Doors Automatically remote alarm motorcycle
As you approach your vehicle and arrive in range of 1.5 to 2 meters, the system will automatically identify the driver who has a valid access key and unlock the doors immediately. remote alarm motorcycle
3. Immobilizer Function remote alarm motorcycle
The PKE system still includes an immobilizer function. It can provide the user with the most comprehensive protection against vehicle theft. Once users enter the vehicle and attempt to start it, the device will verify the driver's access key. If a valid access key is identified, the LED will turn off allowing the driver to start the vehicle. If not, the horn and lights will sound and flash an alarm, and the vehicle engine can not be started. remote alarm motorcycle
4. Engine Push Start Button remote alarm motorcycle
Could start or stop the engine by simply push the start button. Completely abolish the ignition keys. The system will verify if there is legal access key in the car before allowed to start. It can guarantee the safety. remote alarm motorcycle

3.  Other Function:
1. Hi-classify Safety
The highest level of security US made RFID core chip is used, and mutual authentication is done between the access keys and the base which installs it in vehicles, and also we used hopping code technology, making it extremely difficult to crack the access key.
2. Convenient Access Key
The Access Key is very thin, only 6mm thick, and also only 2/3 of credit card size. Easy to carry, can be put it in wallet, and need not be taken out to use. Consequently it will be carried separately from other keys providing added safety and convenience.
3. Alarm Accuracy
The system will initiate alarm only when the vehicle has suffered real violation, and will not be triggered by lightning or other harmless influences.
4. Locks After First Braking
The vehicle door will be locked automatically when driver step the brake at first time after engine been started.
5. Unclosed Door Alarm
If driver leaves vehicle without closing a door or doors, the system will let you know with a separate open door alarm when the key leaves the contact range. Even if this alarm is ignored the car alarm will still be in effect.
6. Low Battery Reminder
When the access key's battery is low, the system will automatically sound the horn and flash lights to remind the driver to replace the inexpensive and readily available battery.
7. Nullifies Frequency Jamming Devices
Some thieves use frequency jamming to jam remote controls, stopping the system from arming, so they can steal the vehicle. Our system can not be jammed and avoids the possibility of such theft. Even being jammed, the doors still will be locked.
8. Stops Code Scanner Yard Sweeping Dead in it's Tracks
Many thieves will use a code-scanner to sweep yards when drivers open or close vehicle doors by remote control, and copy signals to steal vehicles. The access key uses mutual authentication technology, and hopping code to avoid this.

4. Operation of engine start stop system 

(1)Power connected: if you just want to listen to music, just press the blue POWER BUTTON one time and ACC will be on. When you press it once more, it will power off.

(2)  Engine start: Keep pressing the brake, and press POWER BUTTON lightly and your engine will retrofire automatically.remote alarm motorcycle

How can I do if it can not be ignited due to low temperature in winter or low battery?remote alarm motorcycle

You can keep pressing the brake and POWER BUTTON at the same time until car is started.remote alarm motorcycle

(3)  Flameout: When engine is working, press the brake and then press POWER BUTTON for 0.5 Seconds and your engine will stop working automatically.remote alarm motorcycle

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