21.5inch resistive touch screen usb kit 4wire for industrial machine monitor

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Products Status:
Screen Size:
Interface Type:
USB, RS232
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Product name:
4wire resistive touch screen panel
Response time:
Touch object:
touch pen or finger
Industrial Application
TFT LCD Display HMI Touch Screen Monitor
Available size:
Operating System:
Windows 2000/Windows XP/Win 7/8/10 Android Linux
12 Months
Indoor and outdoor
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
80000 Set/Sets per Week
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21.5inch resistive touch screen usb kit 4wire for industrial machine monitor

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4 wire Resistive touch screen works:   

        GreenTouch 4 wire resistive touch screen consists of two parts:1. ITO glass substrate (ITO Glass): plated by a piece of glass or plexiglass as the substrate, the surface of a transparent conductive layer.2. ITO polyester plastic layer (ITO Film): surface-hardened, the surface is smooth and has a scratch-resistant features, its inner surface coated with a transparent conductive layer, tightly bonded to the surface of the ITO glass substrate.

     When a voltage is applied when the electrode layer will form a voltage gradient on the network. If an external force makes contact with upper and lower layers at a certain point, then another layer of electrodes no voltage is applied voltage that can be measured at the point of contact, so you know the coordinates of the contact point. For example, the voltage, the voltage gradient is formed on the top conductor layer coupled to the electrode (X +, X-) at the top, when an external force makes contact with upper and lower layers at some point, at the bottom you can measure the voltage at the point of contact , according to between (X +) the voltage of the electrode distance relationship, know where the X coordinate. Then, the voltage is switched to the bottom electrode (Y +, Y-) on, and measure the voltage at the point of contact at the top, so know Y coordinates.     



4wire Resistive touch  screen picuters:   




4wire Resistive touch screen size list :   


Model numberSizeRatioOutline Area (mm)View Area (mm)Active Area (mm)ThicknessFPC Location
GT-4W-9.7A-19.7"4:3210.0 x 164.0200.9 x 152.5196.6 x 147.51.4mmbottom
GT-4W-10.1A-110.1"16:9235.0 x 143.0225.5 x 128.1222.7 x 125.01.4mmbottom
GT-4W-10.4A-110.4"4:3175.7 x 225.3162.9 x 216.1160.1 x 213.22.3mmside
GT-4W-10.4A-210.4"4:3173.7 x 225.3162.9 x 216.1160.1 x 213.22.3mmside
GT-4W-10.4B-110.4"4:3223.0 x 174.0211.5 x 159.0209.5 x 157.02.3mmbottom
GT-4W-10.4C-110.4"4:3177.4 x 231.0160.4 x  212.7158.4 x 210.72.3mmside
GT-4W-12.1A-112.1"4:3260.0 x 200.0252.0 x 190.0248.0 x 186.02.3mmside
GT-4W-12.1B-112.1"4:3265.7 x 204.2251.0 x 189.0249.0 x 187.02.3mmside
GT-4W-13.3A-113.3"16:9177.7 x 306.3168.8 x 297.2165.0 x 293.42.3mmbottom
GT-4W-13.3B-113.3"4:3285.0 x 217.0275.0 x 207.0270.0 x 202.01.4mmside
GT-4W-15.0A-115"4:3322.0 x 247.0310.5 x 236.0304.0 x 228.02.3mmside
GT-4W-15.6A-115.6"16:9358.3 x 208.5347.3 x 196.6344.3 x 193.62.3mmside
GT-4W-17.0A-117"4:3355.0 x 288.0341.5 x 275.0337.0 x 269.02.3mmside
GT-4W-18.5A-118.5"16:9424.0 x 243.0410.0 x 231.0406.0 x 227.02.3mmbottom
GT-4W-18.5B-118.5"16:9429.4 x 253.6413.4 x 234.0409.8 x 230.42.3mmbottom
GT-4W-19.0A-119"4:3392.0 x 318.0376.0 x 303.0367.0 x 293.02.3mmside
GT-4W-19.0B-119"16:10426.0 x 276.0410.2 x 259.1407.4 x 254.02.3mmbottom
GT-4W-21.5A-121.5"16:9490.0 x 285.0480.0 x 270.0476.0 x 266.02.3mmbottom
GT-4W-22.0A-122"16:10488.0 x 310.0473.0 x 298.0469.0 x 294.02.3mmside



4wire Resistive touch screen Specifications:    


Interface type: I2C or  USB Available size7"-22" (custom-made support)
Resolution 4096x4096Screen ratio4:3/16:9
Material ITO Glass + ITO FilmCertificatesCE, FCC, RoHS
Touch Object Use pen,finger, Gloved hand Touch accurcy1.15~2.5mm
Surface hardness 3HTransparncy≥80%
Linearity error ≤1.5%Touch times≥1,000,000/point
Working voltage DC ≤ 10VWorking current5~25mA
Response time < 10msTouch force20~100g
Working temperature -10°C~60°CStorage temperature-20°C~70°C
Working environment indoor/outdoor/sunlightInsulation resistance ≥20MΩ DC 25V
X.Y resistance value 100Ω~1000Ω (Touch area)Operating systemWindows 2000/Windows XP/Win 7/ Win 8/Windows NT.


Feature and Use area

4wire resistive touch screen product advantages:   

1) high precision, fast response
2) 4096x4096 HD resolution
3) USB port, touch a correction, high stability, and never drift
4) Touch intensity, high sensitivity, touch-free drift
5) can withstand more than 10 million times touch Click
6) You can use a pen, finger, gloved hand, and many other media touch touch
7) can be adapted to harsh environments, such as splashing drops of water flow down, etc.
8) supports single touch point, one-time calibration
9) product through CE, FCC, RoHS certification, stable and reliable performance



4wire resistive touch screen applications:    

1) Car computers and satellite positioning systems
2) Open Frame Touch TV / PC / touch pos machine
3) LCD / LED touch display
4) Full touch one machine
5) Touch Screen Kiosk
6) medical service system, interactive teaching
7) handheld mobile devices (PDA)
8) industrial control systems (IPC)
9) Information Query System (kiosks), etc






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