4T/h constant pressure automatic uf membrane water treatment

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1 year
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Guangdong, China
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about 400kg
uf water treatment
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Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop, Printing Shops, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops, Advertising Company
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uf membrane water treatment
uf water treatment
uf membrane water treatment
220V(custom 110V)
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100 Set/Sets per Month
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Stainless steel frame support,Packed according to customer requirements,uf membrane water treatment,uf water treatment,water treatment.
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Quantity(Sets) 1 - 1 >1
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Device Configuration:
1, quartz sand filter
Refined quartz sand
Automatic filter valve
2, activated carbon filter
Coconut shell activated carbon
Automatic filter valve
3, soften the filter
Food grade cation resin
Salt solution tank
Softening salt
4, precision filter
20 inch 5 micron PP
5, ultrafiltration membrane filter * 2

Device parameters
1. Product size: length 1400mm width 770mm height 1710mm
2, water production flow: 4000L / H
3, rated power: 40W / 220V


Introduction to ultrafiltration equipment:
Ultrafiltration (UF) is a membrane separation technique that purifies and separates solutions. The ultrafiltration membrane system is a solution separation device in which an ultrafiltration membrane is used as a filter medium and a pressure difference on both sides of the membrane is a driving force. The ultrafiltration membrane only allows the solvent (such as water molecules), inorganic salts and small molecular organic substances in the solution to pass through, and the macromolecular substances such as suspended matter, colloid, protein and microorganisms in the solution are intercepted, thereby purifying or separating.
Application field
1. Mineral water: In the manufacture of mineral water, ultrafiltration technology is applied. In the engineering design, the ultrafiltration design will be designed according to the water quality analysis report of the mineral water, and the pore size and membrane type of the membrane are selected in a targeted manner.
2, food: dairy products, juice, wine, spices and other food production gradually use ultrafiltration technology, such as milk or whey protein and low molecular weight lactose and water separation, juice clarification and sterilization, wine Removal of colored proteins, polysaccharides and other colloidal impurities
Etc., the removal of bacteria in soy sauce and vinegar shows the advantages of economy, reliability and quality assurance compared with traditional methods.
3. Medicine: In the production of medicine and bio-chemical, it is often necessary to separate and purify the heat-sensitive substance, and the ultra-filtration technology shows its outstanding advantages. Separation of concentrated bioactive substances (such as enzymes, viruses, nucleic acids, special proteins, etc.) by ultrafiltration is quite suitable for follow-up
Drugs extracted from plants (such as alkaloids, hormones, etc.) often have macromolecules or solid substances in their extracts. In many cases, they can be separated by ultrafiltration to improve product quality.
4, pure water, ultra-pure water: primary purification of industrial water, pure water ultra-pure water preparation RO pretreatment, pure water, ultra-pure water terminal treatment.
5, environmental protection: industrial wastewater deep treatment, urban water reuse system, electrophoretic paint, oil recycling.
6. Fermentation: Separation and purification of biochemical fermentation broth, enrichment and refining of enzymes, clarification and filtration of sugar and xylitol.

I. Overview of UF ultrafiltration equipment system for reclaimed water
The rapid development of circuit boards, touch screens and solar photovoltaic industry in China has brought economic development to China, and it has also brought serious impacts on domestic environmental protection. The industry has a large amount of water, circuit boards, touch screens, and solar photovoltaic plants. The main pollutants in the production process are acid, alkali, Cu, SS, and COD. The untreated sewage contains a large amount of toxic pollutants, which not only pollutes rivers and lakes, but also seriously pollutes the groundwater, making the environmental protection problem of the industry more prominent; even if the sewage is treated to meet the standard discharge, it also causes a large loss of water, increasing The production cost of the enterprise.
Second, the process of recycling UF ultrafiltration equipment for water reuse
Each wastewater in the production workshop is separately introduced into each mixing tank, treated by reduction or oil-water separation, and pre-filtered by micro-filter, ultra-filter, nano-filter, etc. after sedimentation, and then passed through a two-stage reverse osmosis system. The conductivity is less than 20us/cm2, which can be reused in the workshop for production water; the sedimentation tank sludge is dewatered and then treated separately; the high COD wastewater and the first-stage reverse osmosis concentrated water are discharged through the wastewater separation unit.
(1) The comprehensive acid-base wastewater and complex wastewater are recovered by an advanced recycling system.
(2) The water quality of the recycled water is better than that of the municipal water. It can be directly reused to the production line for general cleaning, or for the pure water system to manufacture DI water.
(3) Using triple membrane technology (ie ultrafiltration and high anti-scaling system and purification system), effectively control the clogging of reverse osmosis membrane, reduce the cleaning frequency of reverse osmosis membrane, prolong membrane life, and reduce water recovery. cost.
(4) The recycling system is controlled by the PLC centrally to optimize processing efficiency and reduce human error.
(5) The circuit board, touch screen, solar photovoltaic water reuse equipment system is equipped with an automatic monitor to ensure that the appropriate wastewater is delivered to the recycling system. If the wrong drainage causes the wastewater quality to be abnormal, the recycling system will suspend the water until the influent water returns to normal.
(6) The key components of the system are composed of high-quality imported equipment and a unique system developed and designed by ourselves to ensure long-term stable operation of the system.
Third, the water reuse UF ultrafiltration equipment process characteristics
The system adopts advanced special membrane separation technology, which is simple in process, stable and reliable in operation, and high in processing efficiency. The process fully utilizes the advantages of special membranes. After the circuit board, touch screen and solar photovoltaic wastewater are treated by the process, the wastewater has valuable value. Metal ions (nickel, copper, chromium, etc.) can be re-recovered after being concentrated by the membrane. The permeate of the wastewater after membrane treatment can be reused as process water, which saves costs, and the water quality of the recycled water is better than that of municipal water. Reuse to the production line for general cleaning, or for pure water system to manufacture DI water. The reusable system implements electromechanical integration design. The central control of PLC is highly automated, easy to operate and maintain, easy to standardize management, optimize processing efficiency and reduce human error. The recycling system is equipped with an automatic monitor to ensure proper wastewater transport back. Use the system. If the wrong drainage causes the wastewater quality to be abnormal, the recycling system will suspend the water until the water quality returns to normal. The key components of the system are composed of high-quality imported equipment and a unique system developed and designed by ourselves to ensure long-term stability of the system. Operation; industrial wastewater reuse treatment system has small floor space, less auxiliary facilities, reasonable equipment configuration, low investment and low operating cost.


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