6' Fin/Fan Heat Exchanger - XF 06330

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Design Temp -29oC to +204oC
Electric Connection 3 ph 380/440 volt


Used for cooling CNG inter-stage & discharge gas for a 3-stage 74 to 94 kW compressor package. Incorporates oil cooler.


No-maintenance rugged API oil field type cooler optimized for fan energy consumption & tube area while providing most efficient compression energy consumption, knockout of oil & condensates & lowest discharge gas temperature.
Discharge air between 70C & 100C above inlet air.
Discharge gas < 40C above discharge air temperature.

Installation Guide
Design Temp

-29oC to +204oC

Electric Connection

3 ph 380/440 volt

Mounting Locationeither vertical or horizontal
Inlet airgeneral flow of dust free air across package into finned tubes
Outlet air ductingduct exhaust air away to prevent air re-circulation. Ducting size to be no smaller than 0.75m2
Experienced operators of water cooled systems know loss of efficiency over time due to corrosion & fouling of all water passages.
Water systems demand expensive ongoing water treatment, daily evaporation of up to 20% of water capacity, & provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria etc.
Use of cooling towers in high humidity conditions severely reduces efficiency.
Fan powered by independent motor allows complete evacuation of compressor room air prior to startup of compressor.
Service Characteristics
Fanno maintenance as there are no bearings on this direct coupled model

Motor6mthly light grease of bearings through grease nipples located on plenum exterior, with premium grade lithium based grease.
Fins & Tubesclean as required to remove dirt, grease and other foreign matter
Approvals and Ratings

ISO 9001, ASTM A179

Design CodesAPI 661
Parts and Materials
1st Stage Coil Assy1st stage 3, 30 tube, 3 row
2nd Stage Coil Assy 2nd stage 3, 24 tube, 3 row
3rd Stage Coil Assy 3rd Stage 3, 24 tube, 3 row
Oil Cooler Coil Assy 8 tube, 4 row
Header blockssolid drilled BQ plate with expanded tubes eliminates leakage normally caused by weld fracturing from vibration
TubesSeamless carbon steel with helical aluminum L type, 6 length
FanDirect drive, 1000mm diameter
Fan Guard Galvanised mild steel
Plenum Assembly Mild steel, paint finish
Motor ÇEXD 4 kW