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MICRO-8051 is 8 bit Microcontroller Trainer kit based on Intels 8051 Microcontroller from Minmax Electronics

Five different models of MICROCONTROLLER-8051:

- ISP CPU In System Programmable
- 89C52 Tr
- MICRO 8051 (LED Display)
- uPC At 8051 (LCD Display)
- MAX 52 (LED and LCD Display)

MICRO-8051 is 8 bit Microcontroller Trainer kit based on Intels 8051 Microcontroller from Minmax Electronics. It is the same as 8031/80C31/8751/89C51 (MCS-51 Series) it is a universal type kit with 8051 CPU Module plugged onto it. With MICRO-8051 one can enter machine-coded programs, check their correctness, execute it and verify the results. It has onboard RS 232 interface to download Intel-hex files from PC. The on-board peripherals of MICRO-8051 include 8255 (Programmable Peripheral Interface), 8279(Keyboard/display Controller), 8253 (programmable Interval timer), 8259 (Programmable interrupt Controller), 8251 (Programmable Serial Communication Interface) with Rs232 drivers 1488/1489. MICRO-8051 operates from 230V AC through an external power supply unit.

MAX 52 (LED and LCD Display)

CPU :8051 Microcontroller working with 3.57 MHz Crystal
MEMORY :32K EPROM (27256) Expandable to 64k 32k RAM Expandable to 64k
DISPLAY: 8 digit 7 segment LED display
KEYBOARD:33 keys keyboard including RESET
PARALLEL PORT:2nos 8255 (programmable peripheral Interface)
SERIAL PORT:8251A (programmable communication Interface)
TIMER:3nos. 16 bit programmable timers using 8253.
TERMINATION:12 port lines of 8051 are terminated in the CPU Module in single row
SOFTWARE FACILITIES:Break, Single Step, Execute, Register, Move, Fill, Input, Output, Download, Insert, Delete Etc.,

The following is the list of additional interface card compatible with MICRO-8085 Trainer kit. These cards are connected to 8255 port lines through 26 pin FRC cable extenders.

A to D Converter Using ADC0809
Stepper Motor Controller
Opt isolated Digital Input card
4 channel Relay card
D to A Converter Using DAC0800
DC Motor controller
Traffic lights simulator
Opt isolated Digital output card
Hex Keypad Interface
16 * 1 backlit LCD Interface