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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Brand Name:
Akashu HPA 08
Model Number:
1 Box = 20 bottle @ 10 ml


1 Box = Rp 85. 000; 2-5 Box @ Rp 80. 000; above 6 boxes @ Rp 75. 000
( 1 Box = 20 botol @10 ml)


The only one saver BBM that pass test Lemigas Negara..!! LEMIGAS No.82/BLM7 1/PK/08

AKASHU HPA 08, can improve Oktan fuel till 3 RONs (Research Octane Number).

Usage AKASHU in routine, Cause:

Value Oktan gasoline Premium Anda of tar-upgrade from Oktan 88 become 91 (Pertamax), Pertamax becomes Oktan 95, Pertamax Plus becomes Oktan 98.

Usual Diesel fuel becomes equivalent Solar Super CETANE 57/60.

Machine will free from ngelitik / knocking.

Performanya even also mounts drastically

Direct Attraction difference (responsive and light).

Consumption BBM becomes more economize till 30%.

Machine Performance becomes more efficient and light until vehicle machine becomes more durabel (there is no side effects at machine).

Can clean fuel channel from rust and also deposit / sediment

â"other sediment on a more effective. Fuel Line System your car will be more taken care of and always clean, begin at carburettor, injector, intake valve, inlet port, till combustion chamber.

In other hand, usage AKASHU can reduce gas throws away produced [by], either CO emission or HC, until will be friendlier environment.