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South Korea
Reverse Osmosis (Water Purifier)


We provide alkaline water stick, ionic water, energy water, active hydrogen water. . . . . High quality and low price

Product Description


The energy alkaline water stick, compose of pure natural minerals that turns any water (eg. RO or distilled water) into energize alkaline water that small in cluster, rich with active hydrogen, trace minerals and lots of negative ions. This helps to produce good water with minerals, stability and resolve pollution problem and becomes live water.

Characteristics and Functions


1. Pure natural minerals with non-chemical.

2. Alkaline in nature: helps to balance our body to be weakalkaline (pH 7.45) by neutralizing our acidity of out body.

3. Active Hydrogen: Improve our immune system by removingexcess reactive oxygen species (ie. the aging factor).

4. Trace Elements: maintaining water structure of the body without loss of nutrients.

5. Small molecules of water: cells absorb easily to increase metabolism.

6. Large amount of negative ions: removals in excess of free radicals in order to make our cells live with vibbrant.

Water taht is appreciate by our body