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Anti-Stick Paint
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Anti-Stick Color Paint for preventing illegal stickers and attachments (Anti-Stick Function)

Anti-Stick Color Paint for preventing illegal stickers and attachments (Anti-Stick Function)


“Anti-Stick Color Paint” is used where only anti-stick function is required and additional publicizing/advertizing effect is not essential or necessary. You can choose desired color for application and it provides same anti-stick performance as Anti-Stick Sheet but it cost is comparatively cheaper.


 Color sample of Anti-Stick Coating for preventing illegal stickers and attachments



Photos showing before and after application of Anti-Stick Coating (Pier of bridge)




FAQ for Anti-Stick Sheet and Anti-Stick Paint

for preventing for preventing illegal advertising sticker and attachment.


Q1. How install the Anti-Stick Sheet?

A1. As there is double coated tape attached backside of the Anti-Stick Sheet, you can easily install Anti-Stick Sheet on desired substrate. Just clean the surface properly and then put the sheet to the surface strongly to adhere.


Q2. Doesn’t the double coated tape on the Anti-Stick Sheet peel off easily?

A2. The double coated tape has excellent adhesion power and is manufactured by experienced manufacturer that has long experience of OEM manufacture of 3M industrial tape, and so its quality is quite reliable.

• 3~5 times of adhesion power than general tape (Adhesion power: 1.1 kgf/cm : SUS, 23°C)

• Maintains almost steady adhesion performance within the temperature range of -20°C ~ 80°C (Heat resistance temperature: 120°C)


Q3. How to apply Anti-Stick Paint?

A3. Air spray is recommended as most proper method. If air spray application is not applicable, you may use roller instead.

** Anti-Stick Paint consists of two types of coating. One is primer and the other is finish coat. Finish coat need to be applied after primer coating is completely dry.


Q6. What is the delivery lead time of the product?

A6. In the case of Anti-Stick Sheet, if you already have own design (means that you have illustration file prepared by computer graphics), it will take 1 week or less for manufacturing and then will take another 1 week for air freight. Therefore in the case of air freight, it will take around 2 weeks.


Q7. What is the smallest order quantity?

A7. In the case of Anti-Stick Sheet, we don’t apply smallest order quantity. We accept any small quantity.


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