Auto Plotter Software

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Land Development & CAD
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Karnataka, India
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A user friendly Land development software with inbuilt CAD, for creation of 3D model, contour, Profile & sections, volume report etc

Whether you want to get your topographical map with contours and 3D terrain model, or you are looking for sections, or cadastral maps, AutoPlotter can do it all for you in a way which you will always appreciate, the easy way. No wonder then that after the introduction of AutoPlotter seven years back in India, it has gained popularity with more than 5000 installations in the field of route survey, topographical survey, revenue survey, mining, city survey, grade planning & 3D modeling, Road Construction and project planning.
Salient Features are given below:-
Comes with a Inbuilt CAD editor allowing CAD users to directly use as a ready drafting tool. Three directional approach for executing commands such as menus, toolbar, and command bar. Graphic objects include Points, Lines, Polylines, Circles, Arcs, Ellipses, Rectangles, Text, Block Insertions, Dimensions and Raster Images. All objects can use the 3D coordinate system. Supports DWG, DXF & DGN drawings format. Drawings can also be saved as raster images.
Draw, Modify, Object Snap, Dimension, Properties, Zoom, Layer, Data,Contour, Section, 3D & Volume toolbar for ready reference and instant access. Edit operations include Copy, Move, Rotate, Scale, Mirror,Explode, Erase, Join, Trim, Extend, Joining & Breaking. Single objects can be edited by moving their control points (grips). Various snap modes allow you to draw/edit objects accurately without tedious calculations. Snapping modes use ID markers to enhance operator speed and vision.
Viewing option includes Real time Zoom & Dynamic Pan. Zoom capabilities allowing you to view the entire drawing or any desired part of it. Mouse Wheel support for real-time Zoom and Pan. Aerial view (navigator) for looking through a large drawing & magnifier view for a close look. Preview with multiple sheet size interface. Undo and Redo option, Supports Layers, Blocks, text styles, point styles, multi-line styles (parallel lines), dimension styles. Property pan for viewing and editing of information
Supports Layers, Blocks, text styles, point styles, multi-line styles (parallel lines), dimension style. Supports Windows TTF fonts and SHP/SHX fonts for text style. Point Style (Displaying Mark, Cross etc.). Selection Sets for selecting graphical objects. Hatch provision & Line type provision with support for AutoCADTM hatch patterns (PAT) and line types (LIN). Create and insert blocks from XREF or from APD files with provision for exploded block. Properties for Line, Polyline, Arc, Spline, Rectangle, Circle, MultiLine alongwith length and area calculation for closed objects
Seamlessly Download and Upload survey data from different makes of Total Stations & GPS giving the user to facilitate usage of multiple instruments with a single tool. Supports Raw file formats generated from total stations like Pentax, Leica, Sokkia, Trimble, Horizon, Topcon etc. Option to import CSV,Tab Delimited and XML file formats. It can also compute raw data from Theodolite, Tacheometer, Compass, Distomat+ET and Level. You can Upload modified data for setouts on field.
String based automatic Traverse drawing generation with features such as legends, line-style, colour, point ID etc. Automatic generation of Survey Code Library based on feature codes with flexible length for Feature code. Auto joining of lines based on feature Code and Entity Number. Entity Types such as Point, Line, Closed Line, and Building Corner available for survey feature code to mark centrelines, boundaries and building points. Landmarks encountered during Surveying like trees, electric poles, etc can be easily placed in the drawing through the symbol library. Custom defined symbols can be added to existing library
Traverse can be plotted based on feature codes. Software can distinguish between connectable survey points based on description used during surveying. Dynamic updation of new data into the survey plot from Editor or clipboard or from other drawing editor. Extract survey information from Spot Levels (text) or Points from drawing file. Export facility to graphical standard formats (DXF, DWG) & other data formats such as CSV,TXT, SDR, and GSI. Export facility also available to GIS standard SHP format.
Contours at user-defined interval or based on elevation range or contour group to mark major/minor as well as to identify terrain surface. Generate contours in single or multiple layer groups. Use Quadratic/Cubic BSpline/Bezier Curve computation for contour line. Autocoloring of contours to distinguish different contour RLs provides realistic view of ground. Graphical Limit Line definition for contour generation. Dynamic Profile creation on contour at specified chainage intervals. Support for Multiple DTM surface for area & volumetric computations. Facility to compensate cut and fill volume from a DTM to a plane datum.
Multiple routes can be created to identify the most feasible and best possible route along the terrain. Instant generation of coordinates and section data. Sections can be created for multiple routes with facility for fixed or variable offset conditions. Display of spot level and chainage markers in Plan. Can generate unlimited number of Longitudinal and Cross section data based on contour data. Fix / change alignments interactively on editor and view longitudinal and cross sections on DTM. Import DWG file to superimpose a new alignment on the old route.
Facility for Spiral curve calculation from Straight Transitional segments.Dynamic addition/deletion of turning points on horizontal alignment.Horizontal curve setout from spiral curve design. Optimum circular radius for smooth transition along the curve. Auto calculation and display of deflection angles for circular and spiral curves. Cross check for radius and transition length on existing curve.
Proposed vertical transition can be drawn based on gradient or slope. Seamless integration of cross sections with longitudinal sections is useful in the case of design change. Dynamic Vertical Transition setout for design of Vertical curve. Design speed criteria for Vertical curve. Automatic calculation of curve length for Summit and Valley curve. Identification of minimum curve length requirement based on variable design speeds as per standards. Dynamic updation of vertical curve for formation level.
Section editing and compensation interactively. Display of levels, offsets in LS and CS table. Datum calculation automatic or user defined. Section can be plotted as per user defined horizontal and vertical scales. Generate multiple set of sections in single or grid pattern. Additional layers for the proposed profile can be displayed in the section along with their respective readings in table. Also, table can display cut & fill height from the existing to the proposed line.