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Toilet Soap
Toilet Soap Type:
Face Soap
Main Ingredient:
Age Group:
Basic Cleaning, Antiseptic, Whitening, Slimming
Place of Origin:
South Korea
Brand Name:
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This Non-toxic Liquid sulfur is registered Korean
Patent No. 10-1138914
*Atopy & Acne Skin trouble care
*Medicated soap.


   Medicated soap for Adult

   This product can creating Cysyine Protein. when you use this soap


Product Information


   - Environment friendly soap made with natural liquid sulfur as a main ingredient! 

   - Only use Non-toxic Liquid sulfur and Natural oil. 

   - Soft and fine foams are effective for removing sebum from the pores, dead cells from the skin, and

     body waste. Not to mention that they have massage effect.

   -Taking a bath or shower with hot water and BELLUS Sulfur Soap gets result in sulfur spring effect

    (600~ppm of Liquid sulfur element content).



    - Weight          :  100g


Main  Ingredient 

  Non-toxic  Liquid Sulfur

    :  Liquid Sulfur element content  is 10,000~200,000ppm/1Liter



This Non-toxic Liquid sulfur is registered Korean Patent No. 10-1138914 .


reputation of following factors;


   1.  Sulfur is quickly absorbed into your skin: great effects of sulfur right to your skin!

         (Because of BELLUS SULFUR SOAP's liquefied sulfur, all of sulfur component goes into the skin in 10 seconds)

   2. Rough and aged skin (Methionine protein) becomes young.

       and elastic skin (Cystine protein) when sulfur is applied onto the skin.

   3. Pentathionic acid from a chemical reaction on the skin kills various germs

       ( acne, eczema, athleth's foot, atopy and dandruff) inhabiting on the skin.

   4. Cystine Protein makes hair thick and prevents hair from losing your head




     1.  Not only washing effect but also anti-bacterial effect!!  From now on, don't leave the bacteria on your face!!

          • Have you ever heard about Demodex folliculorum on your face?

            Expensive cosmetics are useless, if there's Demodox foliculorum on the face. BELLUS SULFUR SOAP removes

            it completely while you wash your face in the morning!


     2. Try it consistently!

         • Good news for people who suffer from atopy and acne!!

           Also helpful for moisturizing, peeling and Whitening/pore-tightening.


     3. Feel the elegant Chanel fragrance!

         • You will see the difference from any other soap.


     4. Only use Non-toxic Liquid sulfur and Natural oil.

         Because It is natural soap that contains absolutely no chemicals, it is non-stimulus , and mild and

         soft so that it can be used to people who may have atopy, allergy-sensitive skin.


     5. Use of Liquid Sulfur which is natural anti-biotics .

         The product will detoxicate the harmful substances accumulated in your skin due to makeup and 

         pollution by means of anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidizing effects, even helping  to

         relieve various skin troubles.


     6. removes toxic material from frail skin without any irritation and has excellent moisturizing

         effect. It is safe to people who has atopy of sensitive skin.


♦  What is sulfur?

    • Sulfur, the eighth element that constitutes human body, is found in skin tissue, nails and hair, and plays

      an important role in the metabolic process of animals.

    • Sulfur reacts with organic matters to form pentathionic acid, dissolving horny skin layer to have insect-

       resistant and anti-biotic function.

    • Sulfur is an detoxicating agent in our body, and elevates the keratin function of skin tissue to keep the

       kin healthy by rapidly detoxicating and purifying the harmful substances accumulated in the skin.

    • Since long ago, sulfur has been frequently used as a remedy for skin disease since it has been known   

       to serve as an adhesive connecting a skin tissue with another, helping the skin maintain excellent