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Light Crude Oil(LCO)
Oil Product


Offer of up to 10,000,000 Barrels of NNPC Specification Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) on a TTO / TTT.

We are a Petroleum Commodity Trading Group located in the United Kingdom. We are direct to the legal mandate of a very serious seller for NNPC Specification Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) as per below details;

  1. Commodity: Bonny Light Crude Oil
  2. Specification: Standard Specification (e-mail for info)
  3. Quantity: up to 10 Million Barrels available 
  4. Delivery: TTO / TTT 
  5. Terms: To be agreed between seller and buyer 
  6. Payment Terms: Irrevocable, Revolving, Documentary Letter of Credit from a Top Prime 25 Bank.


  1. The Buyer and the Seller sign the contract, with banking coordinates of both parties and copies sent to both parties banks.
  2. Seller gives to the Buyer details of loaded cargo for verification or confirmation.
  3. Buyer post to seller details of their inspector and supercargo for ATB an Irrevocable Bank Payment Undertaking (IBPU).
  4. Seller issues to Buyer Authority to Board (Marine ATB), to board the loaded vessel
  5. Q&Q is conducted by Buyers` approved Independent Inspectors and buyers supercargo remains on board until security clearance is paid. Security fee is deductible from the cargo fee.
  6. Buyer issues a confirmable Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) or Bank Guarantee (BG) covering the entire cost of product and commission to all brokers and other stakeholders. 
  7. Buyer place its full chartered of the loaded vessel
  8. Seller releases all Original Documents of cargo to the Buyer.
  9. Buyer executes payment by KTT on outturn barrel basis to Seller.
  10. Cargo sails to Buyers destination.