Banana Ripening Machinery

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We take up turnkey supply and installation of Banana Ripening Rooms with :
Ethylene Generators
Centralized Ethylene metering

Banana, Mango, Tomato Ripening Chambers

Ask your health directorate to raid places where the fruit is ripened with the help of harmful calcium carbide.

Use of Calcium Carbide is banned under Rule 44-AA of PoFA (Prevention of Food Adulteration) Rules, 1955.

Thiscarcinogenic, strong chemical is generally used for welding steel goods. Calcium carbide treatment of food products is extremely hazardous, because it contains traces of arsenic and phosphorus.


Calcium Carbide used is industrial grade, used in welding applications


This is known to contain traces of arsenic and phosphorus which are toxic and may be hazardous to health


Calcium Carbide reacts with moisture in the air to produce acetylene gas, which is believed to affect the nervous system by reducing supply of oxygen to the brain


The only scientific and safe ripening method accepted worldwide is the use of Ethylene


Ethylene is a natural plant hormone that the fruit itself emits as it ripens


Exposure of unripe fruit to a miniscule dose of ethylene is sufficient to stimulate the natural ripening process until the fruit itself starts producing ethylene in large quantities


The only scientific and safe ripening method accepted worldwide is the use of Ethylene; which is a natural ripening agent for fruits.Ethylene is a ripening hormone.


While Banana Ripening through ethylene is a safe method, it is also very cost-effective too as it eliminates requirement of Ice.


We provide total solution for Ripening through Ethylene Generator/ centralised Systems, including, design, supply, erection, commissioning, and facilitation support to obtain subsidy from government.