Bath Odor & Ammonia Media

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Hotels, Food & Beverage Factory, Restaurant, Home Use, Food Shop, Food & Beverage Shops
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Product Description

Purafil Custom Media Blends

Are you ready for a custom solution that eliminates the gases that activated carbon leaves behind? A one-size- fits-all solution won’t cut it, which is why Purafil specially

engineered custom blends to address the unique problems you face while permanently removing gases—even the ones carbon can’t remove—from the air. This is done through chemisorption, which chemically transforms gases into harmless solids that remain trapped inside the media.

Bathroom Odor & Ammonia Blend

Our Bathroom Odor & Ammonia media blend specifically targets exhaust gases and odors from bathrooms and common cleaning compounds. This allows for a more effective removal of the gases and contaminants.

• Ideal for use in:

–Commercial Buildings

–Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

–Hotels & Casinos


–Educational Institutions

• Available in:

–Purafilter High Efficiency (HE), V-Bank, Canisters, Modules, Boxes, Sling Bags

• Target Gases: H2S, NH3, -NH2

Company Information

PURAFIL is the world’s leading gas phase filtration company, dedicated to making the world safer, healthier and more productive. As a part of Filtration Group, the fastest growing filtration company in the world, we have a global impact and a world-class network of support and resources.

Purafil removes harmful and nuisance gases and contaminants from the air with our revolutionary engineered media. We are the fastest growing gas phase company due in part to our constant innovation and commitment to solving existing and future problems our customers may face.


As an air filtration company, it may seem obvious that we clean the air, but we actually do so much more. We prevent toxic gas releases from becoming fatal, we keep patients safe in critical operating rooms, we reduce odors so guests can enjoy a pleasant hotel stay, we preserve museum artifacts so visitors can enjoy them for generations, we help boost IVF success rates by keeping laboratories pristine, and we prevent critical equipment failure by maintaining a corrosion-free environment in your control rooms. Purafil truly is focused on making the world safer, healthier and more productive.


Traditional air filtration has always been a key player in creating a cleaner environment, but it simply can’t address all the gases and contaminants out there. Adding a gas phase offering allows you to give customers a complete system that not only removes the common air pollutants, dust and pollen, but also the more difficult gaseous contaminants that particulate and carbon filters can miss.


Because Purafil media is so effective at removing a broad range of gases, we are able to serve an array of markets. We have installations in wastewater treatment plants, airports, hotels, schools, museums, hospital, microelectronics,  data centers, metal and mining, pulp and paper mills, petrochemical plants, refineries, steel mills, and smelting plants as well as other process industries.