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US $3-5 / Kilogram | 1 Kilogram/Kilograms (Min. Order)
Supply Ability:
300 Ton/Tons per Year
Product Type:
Bee Pollen
Place of Origin:
Qinghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
bee pollen5321203016
food grade
Shelf Life:
Brix (%):
0.2 %
Weight (kg):
1 kg
Max. Moisture (%):
5 %
Nectar Source:
plant flowers
Protein (%):
25 %
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Packaging Details:
bee pollen packaging: 1kg/bag 10kg/carton or according to your requirment
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within 14 days upon receiving your deposit

Bee Pollen

1.Bee Pollen Brief Introduction


Pollen is the source of plant life. Bee pollen is a treasure house of natural vitamins and minerals, but also highly concentrated, it contains all the nutrients necessary for the body, with a high nutritional and health value.

Bee pollen is popular around the world as nourishing the body tonic, robust brain agent, promotor of child development, edible beauty composition and a therapeutic agent for various diseases. It be promoted as natural treasures of Health, illnesses and Beauty by Nutrition sector, the pharmaceutical sector, beauty sector.


2.Bee pollen production


Bee Pollen is the pollen formed after storage and fermentation of the pollinia what is brought back

when the honey bees. Bees pollen carrying legswill collecting pollen and formed pollinia, after entering the hive pollinia will be in storage.

Bee Pollen is a irregular oval shape thereof mixture of pollen grains what is collect from flowering plants(nectar plants and pollen source plant) and add a special glandular secretions, nectar and saliva.



3.Bee Pollen Classification

Based on powder plant: rape bee pollen, corn bee pollen, tea bee pollen, lotus bee pollen, watermelon bee pollen, sunflower bee pollen, pine bee pollen, rose bee pollen etc.

Based on the purity: pure bee pollen and mixed bee pollen.


4.Bee Pollen Effect

1).Rape bee pollen:contain high flavonoids alcohol,have the effect on anti atherosclerosis, treatment of varicose ulcers, prostatitis, lower cholesterol and anti-radiation effect.

2).Tea bee pollen: its amino acids ranking first in the common pollen, Trace elements and

ascorbic acid content is also higher than other pollen. It have the effect on prevent arteriosclerosis and cancer, beauty skin care. In addition, it can be refreshing and enhance the excitability of nerve.

3).Lotus bee pollen: Have the reputation of pollen king. Have the effect of uneasiness of mind,

nourishing yin and tonifying spleen, detoxify, beauty and health, modulation of endocrine. Can be

used treat dysentery, gastroenteritis, urination and edema hepatitis. Have special effects on prevent

atherosclerosis, increased cardiac contractility, to speed up the heart rate, improve cardiac function. Long-term use, sighificant weight loss.

4).Mixed bee pollen:bitter, prevention and treatment of diabetes, can stimulate insulin secretion,

adjust the endocrine system.





5.Bee Pollen Quality Management

Quality bee pollen must have three conditions:

First:fresh and guarantee against loss of active substances;

Second:The number of bacteria in the safe range;

Third:No mildew, he pollen is rich in nutrients, it is easy to moisture and pollution, mildew.


6.Bee Pollen - Company


Our company located in Guanting Bee Products Industrial Zone,Changge City, Henan Province,

China. Guanting Bee Products Industrial Zone is the largest Bee Products Distribution Center in

China. We sales and produce bee products from 1988, so we have strong suppy capability and

Wealth of sales experience.

Our Bee Pollen come from Qinghai Plateau where have the best bee pollen in China, Qinghai plateau continental climate have the feature of Low temperatures, large temperature difference between day and night, less concentrated rainfall, sunshine, solar radiation.


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