Birch Sap / Juice

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Birch Sap/Juice


Natural birch sap / juice (Betula Pendula)


 Natural birch sap (Betula Pendula) does not contain some preservatives and artificial tasting/flavoring additives.



Natural birch sap, sugar, a citric acid (a regulator of acidity).

Power value: 21, 59 kcal. / 91, 73 kJ

Food value: fiber 0,00g fat 0,02g carbohydrates 5,34g


 Birch sap - the primitive drink of Slavs received from a cut of a tree trunk in the beginning of spring. Birch sap has strengthening and clearing properties for a human body. Birch sap received from a cut of a tree trunk. Then juice filtered, little bit sweetened and with the minimal additive of a citric acid. Juice contains natural carbohydrates, organic acids, mineral salts, structures of potassium, calcium, magnesium and copper, vitamins B (group), vitamin C and other micro cells.


 Birch sap helps with clearing an organism of harmful toxic substances and in treatment of uric ways. Birch sap has rejuvenating and strengthening properties for a human body. Birch sap is a valuable additive to a healthy daily diet and also is effective in a diet for growing thin.