CLESS LIGHTNER Quick-Acting Powder Bleach with Wheat Germ

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Powde Bleach
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Protected and dazzling shiny hair

        Lightener leaves your hair dazzling shiny and moisturized, protecting hair strands during the lightening process. The blue powder also neutralizes the undesirable yellow tone. It’s quick and practical to apply. Its exclusive formula prevents dust formation (Dust Free). It’s dermatologist tested and mildly scented with fine fragrance. Lightner Quick-Acting Powder Bleach with WHEAT GERM provides evenly toned hair lightening, leaves the hair smooth, and promotes longer-lasting moisturizing action.


Pour the desired amount of Lightener Quick-Acting Power Bleach with WHEAT GERM in a nonmetal bowl and gradually add the developer (see ideal proportions and developer volumes below). Mix with a nonmetal spatula until the mixture is creamy and totally blended. Do both the ALLERGY TEST and the STRAND TEST before applying the product.




FOR HAIR USE: Use 2 or 3 parts (the proportion may vary according to the desired viscosity) of Lightner Cream Developer volume 10, 20, 30 or 40 (according to the desired lightening level, as shown below), to 1 part Lightner Quick-Acting Powder Bleach with WHEAT GERM. Apply to dry unwashed hair, starting at the nape of the neck or with darker parts. Let it process as stated in the instructions. Wash well to remove the product completely.




Leave on 10 to 45 minutes at most, according to the desired lightening level and to the hair structure, porosity and color base. If needed, the product may be reapplied until the desired lightening level is achieved. Do not expose to the sun during application. When processing time is up, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and wash hair with shampoo and conditioner. We suggest using the following developer volume options according to the lightening level desired:




Lightening Level                                          Lightner Cream Developer


1 to 2 shades and body hair                     10V developer
2 to 3 shades                                                 20V developer
3 to 4 shades                                                 30V developer
4 to 7 shades                                                 40V developer
Body hairs -                                                    - Lightner Developer Lotion