Carpet And Floor Orbital Cleaning Machine

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Long Beach, CA USA
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California, United States
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HOS Orbot
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The HOS Orbot cleans, scrubs, sands, polishes, hones, any type of carpet, stone, and hard floors. It's path is 17"-23".

Determinedto put an end to the common problems thrown up by many carpet and floorcleaning systems, such as insufficient drying times, recurring stains, stickyresidues, mildew, excessive downtimes, extensive set-up procedures, operatorfatigue and unhappy customers, Hruby Orbital Systems has dedicated years ofresearch into low-moisture, green cleaning concepts based on orbital floorcleaning technology.

Thesystem Hruby has perfected, comprises the compact Orbot orbital floor machinewhich is engineered to offer three machine sizes, (17, 19, and 21 inches) allin one single machine - the user can quickly transform the cleaning path from17 up to 23 inches by simply changing out the driver to the required size -  and the SprayBorg electric on-board, 3-gallon, bottle cartridgepre-spray system. This Orbot driver system also mounts to an assortment of padsand brushes to clean, scrub, sand, strip, and polish any carpet and hard floor.

TheSprayBorg can be mounted on the Orbot within a matter of seconds via only twobolts and two wingnuts, where it is controlled with the tip of the thumb,allowing precise spraying at the front of the machine. Its innovative designallows the operator to easily premix as many 3-gallon bottles as needed. Whenempty, the cartridge can be replaced with a new premixed bottle within secondsso cleaning can continue.   The design also eliminates spills and reducesthe overall weight of the machine for easy lifting and storage.

Theunit's Twin Jet Anti-Drip Spray System creates an equal flow pattern that isapplied directly to the carpet, eliminating the solution streaks that causeuneven dry patterns, which are a problem with some systems. The specialFlow-Control System enables you to control the GPM flow rate, with settingsranging from a dribble up to 1 gallon per minute.

"Whatreally makes this system so special though is our Environ green encapsulationcleaner," says Hruby. "When you combine Environ with our exclusiveorbital drive technology and bonnet pads you will attain tremendous soilextraction, fast dry times, no recurring stains and a healthier environment.The chemistry of Environ's encapsulation technology helps the operator worksmarter, not harder".

Mostdry soil in a carpet can be readily removed by routine dry vacuuming. However,it's the oily and sticky soils that attract and hold dry soil to the carpetfibres. The result is a dull, grey, and ugly appearance.

Toeffectively remove these soil particles from the carpet fibres, the right amountof agitation is needed and this is where orbital drive technology comes in.  The Orbot generates hundreds of small oscillations that spin at roughly1,725 revolutions per minute. This orbital drive pattern allows for all sidesof the carpet fibres to be agitated and therefore all of the soil will beeffectively removed from the carpet fibre.

Toensure that the agitated soil will not stick to the carpet fibre again, aPolymer is needed to trap and encapsulate these soil particles. The polymerelement in Environ will form distinct crystals when it dries. These crystalsare the principle vehicles that stop wicking or the recurring of stains.  They also enable the soil particles to be extracted through post-vacuuming,which keeps carpets cleaner for longer periods of time.  

TheOrbot incorporates and EasyFlip Base - whereby the base flips up for easy andfast pad changing. There are three types of pads:

*Cotton pads are a primary component of the system in as much as they facilitatesoil extraction from the carpet fibres while helping achieve fast dry times.They are washable and can be reused hundreds of times.

*Encapsulation Pads are used to pre-agitate the carpet fibres. They are superiorin liberating hard to remove soil from visibly dirty carpets and should bedisposed of after cleaning 1,500 - 2,000sq.ft of carpet.

*Speed Scrub Pads   are semi-absorbent synthetic bonnet pads used toaggressively scrub and absorb hard to remove soil in commercial carpet.  These pads are washable.

Easy-fixbrushes are used to scrub hard floors, tile and grout very quickly andthoroughly. As the Orbot driver generates 1725 orbits per minute, the bristlesof the brush pick away at the soiled grout lines and pores in the grout linesand hard floor surfaces with ease.

Glidersmake cleaning that much easier than it already is. They also help in cleaningshagpile carpet and other types of fragile carpet. Centered under the paddirectly over the carpet flooring, they come in two sizes that are color-coded.  The White Glider is used for both low-pile carpet whereas the BlackGlider is used for medium to high pile carpet.

Maintenance-freeand easy to manoeuvre, the Orbot boasts jumbo 10 inch wheels that help itconquer any type of staircase as well as steps, curbs, holes and otherobstacles in its path. Its vertical handle grips are designed for easyoperation and reduced lower back stress. The machine folds down to 30 inches inheight and as it weighs just 82lbs it is easy to transport and store. Orbot hasa powerful 1 horsepower universal 110V/60 Hz. - 220V/50 Hz. motor and comeswith a quick connect cord system for easy cord removal.

"Day in and day out the world changes - asdo industry needs," says Hruby.   "To accommodate these everchanging needs, our objective is to listen, innovate, and deliver.   HrubyOrbital Systems will improve the quality of your cleaning results, service,health, and safety".