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Quick Details
Ceramic Ball
Brand Name:
Bore Size:
3 - 150 mm
Outside Diameter:
5 - 200 mm
Place of Origin:
Incheon, South Korea
Model Number:
KPC/Hybrid bearing


Effective hybrid ceramic ball bearings for high performance RPM
DLC or Diamond Coating bearing is very strong at corrosin.

Low friction heating
Frictional heating between the ceramic balls and the steel rings is less; further positively affect the maximum running speed.

Centrifugal Load: F = -mT2R

Ceramic Balls -> High Speed
Because the density of silicon nitride is 60% of steel, the centrifugal load is reduced by using these balls with 60%. As a consequence the running speed can be increased up to 30%.

Hybrid bearings need to be oil lubricated just like steel bearings. Lubrication can be omitted with very low running speed and if a short lifetime suffices. In complete ceramic bearings water lubrication or process lubrication suffices.