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Clay (Decorative pieces)

To learn the technique of clay is required at least a year, but that's only to find mold, you also have to know how to prepare clay to clay, kneaded and burn it.
Today there are few working potters still around, which gives added value to the crafting. The claim that Mexican potters clay has its own life, then let him do what they want when they know it molds you have to master the technique so that it can take shape, it would not be ensured.
The process to produce any object in the mud starts with the manufacturing base, since there are pots, vases or anything, then dried and baked at toy (first burn), then painted, varnished and is put in the oven again for four hours to take the final consistency.
Burning ovens where the mud walls are of mud and burned wood or sawmill waste. The pots are made that are both smooth and embossed.