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I have the comprehensive SOLUTIONS MANUAL for ALL of the following textbooks and TEST BANKS for MOST of them.

I have the comprehensive SOLUTIONS MANUAL (answer key) for ALL of the following US& International textbooks and TEST BANKS for MOST of them in electronic format (PDF/Word). The solutions manual are comprehensive with answers to both even & odd problems in the text. The test bank contains practice exam and quiz questions and answers.

The methods of payment is through PAYPAL (It is easy, safe, and you can use debit or credit card to pay even if you don't have an account).

Contact me by visiting the website below. If you could not find the book you are looking for, please let me know, I might be ableto help. Thanks a lot




Auditing and Assurance Services - Alvin A Arens (14th ed) (ISBN 0132575957)

Auditing Cases: An Interactive Learning Approach - Mark A Beasley (5th ed) (ISBN 0132567237)

Auditing: A Business Risk Approach - Larry E. Rittenberg (8th ed) (ISBN 0538476230)

Automatic Transmissions and Tranaxles - Thomas W. Birch (5th ed) (ISBN 0132622270)

Automotive Fuel and Emissions Control Systems - James D. Halderman (3rd ed) (ISBN 0132542927)

Automotive Technology - James D. Halderman (4th ed) (ISBN 0132542617)

Backpack Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama and Writing - X. J. Kennedy (4th ed) (ISBN 0205151663)

Basic Business Statistics - Mark L. Berenson (12th ed) (ISBN 0132168383)

Basic Business Statistics - Mark L. Berenson (12th ed) (ISBN 0132168383)

Basic College Mathematics with Early Integers - Elayn Martin-Gay (2nd ed) (ISBN 032172643X)

Basic Marketing Research - Naresh K Malhotra (4th ed) (ISBN 0132544482)

Basic Marketing Research with Excel - Alvin C Burns (3rd ed) (ISBN 0135078229)

Basic Psychopharmacology for Counselors and Psychotherapists - Richard S. Sinacola (2nd ed) (ISBN 013707980X)

Becker's World of the Cell - Jeff Hardin (8th ed) (ISBN 0321716027)

Beginning Algebra - Margaret L. Lial (11th ed) (ISBN 0321673484)

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra - Margaret L. Lial (5th ed) (ISBN 032171542X)

Better Business - Michael R. Solomon (2nd ed) (ISBN 0132496690)

Biochemistry - Mary K. Campbell (7th ed) (ISBN 0840068581)

Biological Anthropology - Craig Stanford (3rd ed) (ISBN 0205150683)

Biology of Humans: Concepts, Applications, and Issues - Judith Goodenough (4th ed) (ISBN 0321707028)

Boilermaking Level 2 Trainee Guide - NCCER (2nd ed) (ISBN 0132137054)

Brief Penguin Handbook, The - Lester Faigley (4th ed) (ISBN 0205030076)

Brock Biology of Microorganisms - Michael T. Madigan (13th ed) (ISBN 032164963X)

Building Accounting Systems Using Access 2010 - James T. Perry (8th ed) (ISBN 1111530998)

Building Literacy in Secondary Content Area Classrooms -Thomas G. Gunning (1st ed) (ISBN 0205580815)

Business - William M. Pride (11th ed) (ISBN 053847808X)

Business & Professional Communication: Plans, Processes, and Performance - James R. DiSanza (5th ed) (ISBN 0205721494)

Business and Society: Ethics and Stakeholder Management - Archie B. Carroll (8th ed) (ISBN 0538453168)

Business Communication Essentials - Courtland L. Bovee (5th ed) (ISBN 0132539713)

Business Communication Today - Courtland Bovee (11th ed) (ISBN 0132539551)

Business Communication: Polishing Your Professional Presence - Barbara Shwom (1st ed) (ISBN 0136078079)

Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases - Manuel G. Velasquez (7th ed) (ISBN 0205017665)

Business of Massage Therapy, The: Building a Successful Career - Jessica Abegg (1st ed) (ISBN 0135053617)

Business Organizations for Paralegals - Kathleen Reed (1st ed) (ISBN 0135103649)

C++ How to Program - Paul Deitel (8th ed) (ISBN 0132662361)

Calculus and Its Applications - Marvin L. Bittinger (10th ed) (ISBN 0321694333)

California Civil Litigation - Thomas Goldman (2nd ed) (ISBN 0132374633)

Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections - Jane B. Reece (7th ed) (ISBN 0321696484)

Career Information, Career Counseling, and Career Development - Duane Brown (10th ed) (ISBN 0132821397)

Casino Gaming Technology - Jane Bokunewicz (1st ed) (ISBN 0135046041)

CFIN - Scott Besley (2nd ed) (ISBN 1111533733)

Challenging Behavior in Young Children: Understanding, Preventing and Responding Effectively - Barbara Kaiser (3rd ed) (ISBN 0132159120)

Chemical Dependency: A Systems Approach - C. Aaron McNeece (4th ed) (ISBN 0205787274)

Chemistry with MasteringChemistry - John E McMurry (6th ed) (ISBN 032174103X)

Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry - Karen C. Timberlake (11th ed) (ISBN 0321693450)

Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry - Karen C. Timberlake (11th ed) (ISBN 0321741048)

Chemistry: The Central Science with MasteringChemistry - Theodore E. Brown, (12th ed) (ISBN 0321741056)

Child and Adolescent Development - Anita E. Woolfolk (1st ed) (ISBN 0137023111)

Children and Their Development - Robert V. Kail (6th ed) (ISBN 0205034942)

Chinese Link Intermediate Level 2 Part 1 - Sue-mei Wu (2nd ed) (ISBN 0205782809)

Choosing Health - Barry Elmore (1st ed) (ISBN 0321516184)

Civil Litigation: Process and Procedures - Thomas Goldman (2nd ed) (ISBN 0135109434)

CJ 2011 - James A. Fagin (1st ed) (ISBN 0131389017)

Clinical Massage Therapy: A Structural Approach to Pain Management - James Waslaski (1st ed) (ISBN 0137063628)

Clinical Nursing Skills - Sandra F. Smith (8th ed) (ISBN 013511473X)

Clinical Social Work Practice in Behavioral Mental Health - Roberta G. Sands (3rd ed) (ISBN 0205820166)

Cognitive Psychology: Applying The Science of the Mind - Bridget Robinson-Riegler (3rd ed) (ISBN 0205033644)

College Algebra - Judith A. Beecher (4th ed) (ISBN 032169399X)

College Algebra - Michael Sullivan (9th ed) (ISBN 0321716817)

College Physics with MasteringPhysics - Hugh D. Young (9th ed) (ISBN 0321749804)

Common Culture - Michael F. Petracca (7th ed) (ISBN 0205171788)

Communicating in Small Groups: Principles and Practices - Steven A. Beebe (9th ed) (ISBN 0205770630)

Community College Experience, Brief Edition - Amy Baldwin (3rd ed) (ISBN 0132480867)

Complete A+ Guide to PC Repair Fifth Edition Update, The - Cheryl Schmidt (5th ed) (ISBN 0132727595)

Comprehensive Nursing Care, Revised Second Edition - Roberta Pavy Ramont (2nd ed) (ISBN 0132560267)

Comprehensive School Counseling Programs: K-12 Delivery Systems in Action - Colette T. Dollarhide (2nd ed) (ISBN 0137051999)

Computer Literacy for IC3 Unit 2: Using Productivity Software - Robert L. Ferrett (1st ed) (ISBN 0132861070)

Computer Science: An Overview - J. Glenn Brookshear (11th ed) (ISBN 0132569035)

Computers Are Your Future Complete - Cathy LaBerta (12th ed) (ISBN 0132544946)

Computers Are Your Future, Introductory - Cathy LaBerta (12th ed) (ISBN 0132545187)

Concepts in Strategic Management and Business Policy: Toward Global Sustainability - Thomas L. Wheelen (13th ed) (ISBN 0132153351)

Concepts of Database Management - Philip Pratt (7th ed) (ISBN 1111825912)

Concepts of Genetics with MasteringGenetics - William S. Klug (9th ed) (ISBN 0321773055)

Concise Public Speaking Handbook - Steven A. Beebe (3th ed) (ISBN 0205753701)

Conformity and Conflict: Readings in Cultural Anthropology - David W. McCurdy (14th ed) (ISBN 0205234100)

Connections: A World History, Combined Edition - Edward H. Judge (2nd ed) (ISBN 0205835503)

Connections: A World History, Volume 2 - Edward H. Judge (2nd ed) (ISBN 0205835457)