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Crystals- Metaphysical Sotnes, Gemstones, Crystal Bowls, Wands, Massagers, Education Gemstone Set, Museum Quality Ruby Many more


At   Neelkanth Crystals and Jewels  we  have most   extensive collections   of Crystals and Gems , Museum quality of Rough Ruby which is specially  for collectors who are fond of collecting this , Rough Stones and Metaphysical stones from India and other parts of world. Natural Points of all assorted stones Tumbled Stones, Crystal Spheres, Education Gemstone Sets, Gemstones in Rough , One  side  polish  stones you will find

Neelkanth Crystals and Jewels   also deals in Crystal Figurines, 7 chakra Designer Healing Wands made from Himalayan Crystal Quartz and High end Jewellery wands exclusively for the collectors.

Massagers and Wands made of different crystals and semiprecious stones especially for healing and balancing your mind, body and spirit, 7 chakra bonded massagers and Shiva Massagers are special products one can get from Neelkanth Crystals and Jewels  

Collection of Pendulums offering of Neelkanth Crystals and Jewels   includes 7 chakra ball pendulums , 7 chakra Herkimer Shape Pendulum, 7 Chakra Pendulum with Mercaba Stones, Pendulums with Cavensites and Himalayan Crystal Quartz, Bloodstone Plain Pendulums, Cornelian Pyramid Bullet Pendulums, Crystal Turning Star Pendulums, new Elestial Amethyst Pendulums, Faceted Conical Pyramid Pendulums, Turquoise, Pentagon Sunstone Pendulum and many more

Neelkanth Crystals and Jewels   brings you Pyramids in all assorted stones, New Shiva Watermelon and Narmada Lingams are from one of the Various Crystal treasures of India

Beautifully crafted Crystal Bowls in all types of stones such as Amethyst, Moss Agate, Lapis Lazulli, Blood Stone, Sunstone, Onyx, Cornelian, Himalayan Quartz, Turquoise, Jasper, and Ruby with Fuchsite, Zebra Agate and many more... You will find at Neelkanth Crystals and Jewels  

You can enjoy buying rejuvenating 7 chakra Crystal Pendants in sterling silver, New Design pendants in different stones, Uncut   Necklaces and    Bracelets, Semiprecious stones Necklaces/strands at Neelkanth Crystals and Jewels