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Acid Lead Battery


8507100000,Delkor Battery

Excellent Technology

Delkor boasts world-renown quality.

Created in conjunction with Delphi Automotive Systems in America , Delphi MF batteries use a GM-patented gas/liquid separator and have the lowest self-discharge rate, making it the most convenient, maintenance-free battery for consumer usage. Furthermore, Delkor MF batteries contain calcium, tin and lead, making them highly resistant to corrosion, and last up to 3 times longer than the competition.

We here at Delkor Corporation have amassed a great deal of technology used to produce batteries for cars, UPS, telecommunications and other batteries for industrial use and create ideal environments for national organizations. Now, in addition to batteries for cars and industry, Delkor is expanding its scope of business to high-tech products for specialized fields, including ships and airlines.

Thorough Quality-Controlled System

The superiority of Delkor batteries begins with a thorough quality-controlled system.

Quality control management is carried out in 2-hour intervals at Delkor. An exhaustive, 11-step quality control process, including work monitoring, charge/discharge testing, material testing and product testing, is used to eliminate the production of defective batteries.

Continuous Research And Development

Delkor batteries prepare for the future through continuous Research & Development and improved service.

Selected by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in 1984 as the manufacturer of high-tech products, Delkor also received the ISO 9001 for business management in 1995, the ISO 14001 for environment-related issues in 1996 and the QS 9000 for good quality in 1997. Delkor continues to make tireless efforts for research and development and for improving service.

In response to the requests and demands of each of our customers, Delkor continuously strives for the development of new products, including batteries for taxis, car stereos, RVs and telecommunications. Pursuing the production of multi-faceted products, Delkor, in conjunction with GM is speeding up the development process for batteries designed for electric cars, a core technology for these machines of the near future.


No Need to Distilled Water

Delkor batteries use special alloy calcium lead for minimal fluid loss (less than 1/10 of other batteries) meaning that there is no need to replenish distilled water throughout the life of the battery.

Strong Charge

The use of calcium alloy grids and low resistance envelope separators means that Delkor batteries have 20% improved charging ability compared to other batteries, even during intense heat or cold. Low Rates of Self-Discharge

Low Rates of Self-Discharge

Calcium alloy grids provide prompt turnover even after long periods of standing.

Mounted Hydrometer

A mounted hydrometer allows you to check the status of the battery

Long Life

Special alloy grids prevent corrosion and extend the life of the battery (with) making it the economically