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it deffrentiate diamond with the Mozonite

The PRESIDIUM DIAMONDMATE utilizes proven thermal conductivity testing method to instantly verify the authenticity of diamonds. The test results are indicated by visual light and audible beeps.


Standard Accessories   Optional Accessories

  • Available in two models:
    (a) DiamondMate-A
    operates on alkaline (AAA) batteries or direct AC current and,

          (b) DiamondMate-C
          operates on rechargeable 
          (NICAD) batteries or direct AC

  • No waiting time between tests.
  • Pocket size.
  • Low batteries indicator.
  • Metal detector - intermittent beep.
  • Measured diamond - continuous beep.
  • Low battery consumption.



AC adaptor / charger

AC adaptor 120v / 230v

3 pcs Nicad battery pack

Alkaline batteries

1 year factory warranty

  • Carrying case - standard for all models
  • Size : L-160mm x W-21mm x H-30mm
  • Weight : 45 gms