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Claw Couplings


Dixon Fittings now available in INR.

Dixon offers the widest range of hose & fittings like air fittings, groove couplings and more under one roof for industries like oil & gas, construction, mining, infrastructure, steel, chemical, petroleum,

refineries, OEMs, manufacturing, material handling, etc. Dixon hose & fitting products are

manufactured to the most stringent international standards and are pressure rated offering the

assurance of total quality & safety to the end user. Dixon products help reduce the risk of accidents

and ensure a safer workplace.


Air Fittings


The Dixon range of air fittings and claw couplings for air transfer applications are used worldwide for many applications like air compressors, jack hammers, utility air hose, plant air lines, etc.


The product line includes:

• Air King claw couplings – 150 psi WP in sizes from 3/8” to 2”

• Minsup® Type A claw couplings – 500 psi WP in sizes from 3/8” to 1¼”

• Surelock® claw couplings – 1000 psi WP in sizes from 3/8” to 3”

• Air King®, Minsup®, Surelock® claw couplings are available in NPT & BSP and with optional swivel


• Air King® clamps

• Specials like three way connectors, Air King®, Minsup® & Surelock® end valves also available.

• Whip Hose – for safe operation of air drills, jack hammers, etc.

• “King” Safety Cable – for safe operation of air drills, jack hammers & to prevent injury due to accidental

disconnection of air hose lines. Available in

“hose to hose” & “hose to tool” configurations.

• Minsup® line strainer

• Locking pins – to prevent accidental disconnection of claw couplings

• In-line lubricators – for lubricating air tools powered by air compressors

• Minsup® air operated oil lubricator – for continuous lubrication of rock drills

• Claw couplings available in SG iron & stainless steel & brass body options.


Cam & Groove Couplings


Dixon is the leading manufacturer & distributor of cam & groove couplings used in fluid transfer

applications involving water, chemicals, slurries, etc. Dixon cam & groove couplings are manufactured to

the highest quality & safety standards and close tolerances and are designed for long term use. Dixon cam

& groove products are designed to be used with liquids only

Product range includes:

• Styles A, B, C, D, E, F, DC (dust cap) & DP (dust plug) in sizes from ½” – 6”.

• 6” – 8” available on request.

• Available in aluminium, stainless steel & brass.

• Polypropylene, Nyglass, Bronze & Hastelloy options available on request.

• Boss-Lock® PF cam & groove couplings for use with UHMWPE / XLPE chemical hose available on


• Dixon Ez-Boss Lock® stainless steel cam & groove coupling with safety locking device to prevent

accidental disconnect of couplings.

• Grooved stem couplers & adaptors and ferrules for crimped assemblies.

• Specials like 90° elbows available on request in configurations like adaptor x coupler, adapter x hose

shank, coupler x hose shank, etc.

• Specials like 45° elbows available on request in configurations like coupler x coupler and adapter x


• Other specials like reducing couplers x adaptors, spool adapters, spool couplers, etc. also available on


• Wide range of gasket options – buna, nitrile, Viton®, silicone, Teflon® encapsulated silicone, Teflon®

encapsulated Viton®, Teflon® accordion, Neoprene,

White neoprene – FDA material, White Buna N – FDA material, ethylene propylene.

• Special products – Mann-Tek® Dry Disconnect.

• Couplings for spillage free transfer of hazardous & expensive chemicals, inks, dyes, etc.


Suction / Delivery Couplings & Hose Clamps


The Dixon range of couplings & clamps for suction / delivery are intended for use with low pressure fluid

transfer applications.

• “King” combination nipples available in sizes from ½” to12” & with body material options in plated steel,

brass, stainless steel. Aluminium & hastelloy on request.

• “King” combination nipples available in styles like male threaded (NPT & BSP), beveled end (for

welding), grooved end, jump-size ( reducers), PF shank for use with UHMWPE / XLPE chemical hose,

notched stems & ferrules for swaging.

• Dixon steel hose menders – available in steel, stainless steel & brass.

• Minsup® brand - hose joiners, steel hose splicers, ductile iron hose splicers.

• Bauer couplings for suction / delivery available on request.

• Dixon - worm gear clamps, T-bolt clamps.

• Dixon Euro-Seal™ worm gear clamps, HTML Hi-Torque clamps, K-Series band clamps, F-Series centre

punch clamps,

• Band clamp tools & accessories

• Dixon double bolt clamps – Available in standard style & with saddles for larger hose ODs.

• Minsup® double bolt clamps & claw clamps.


Most Dixon products are delivered within 7 days. Should a product not be in stock, we import and deliver

them to you in 2 weeks time.