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Drain Cleaners
Place of Origin:
Gujarat, India
Brand Name:
white powder:
50 gms pouch


ALERT DRANIL Drain Cleaner Powder

We are happy to Introduce ALERT DRANIL Drain Cleaner which is a new concentrated powder especially formulated to dissolve and liquefy grease, cloth , paper , cellulose , tea bags, hair , fruit n vegetables peels and other organic solids which cause blockages and clogging of drains pipes. Special eco-friendly chemicals makes DRANIL harmless to most drain systems and types of pipes used in drains, does not effects to your drain systems in long run and keeps drains running freely quickly, safely and economically. DRAINIL is ready to use and begins to dissolve and liquefy organic matter immediately , most blockage are eliminated in less then 15 minutes. In addition a bio-film coats the inside drain pipes and continues to consume the organic wastes until those wastes are gone or the drain cleaner washes out the pipes. DRAINIL Drain cleaner effects for several weeks and during this time a pleasant and refreshing scent Deodorizes drain pipes as the bio-film works to remove the sources of waste that cause unpleasant odors. Regular use of DRAINIL prevents clogged or blocked drains.