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Sun Valley Farms
Herbal Medicine


Our farms can supply LAGUNDI (fresh leaves or dried in oven). Export worldwide! 100% organic compost grown. Very cheap price.

Lagundi - (Five Leafed Chaste Tree) - Vitex Negundo Linn.
Parts used: flowers, seeds, roots and bark/stems.

Lagundi is a common medicine shrub in the Philippines.  The use of Lagundi for medicinal purposes has a long history in the Philippines. Today, pharmaceutical companies sell it in capsule form at drug stores. The root is reported to be tonic, febrifuge, and expectorant. The root is also used in a great variety of diseases: dyspepsia, colic, rheumatism, worms, boils, and leprosy. The flowers are used in diarrhea, cholera, fever, and diseases of the liver, and are also recommended as a cardiac tonic. The seeds make a cooling medicine for skin diseases and leprosy, and for inflammation of the mouth. The leaves are reported to be used for coughs and asthma.

Sun Valley farms is located at the Southside of Metro Manila.  Guaranteed 100% organic.  We use pure organic compost with organic cow droppings and then steamed for maximum nutrient efficiency.  We harvest the mature leaves every 4 months, cleaned with natural mountain spring water, and dried in our specially designed ovens maintaining full nutrient capacity.

For more information please contact us at 632-7760786 / +63920-9276265

We can send you natural leaves or dried leaves specimen for your lab analysis an verification.
Cost per kg. is only US$3.50.  Discounts are available for bulk orders of 700kg and up.  Regular clients will be given extra discounts, upon contract agreement for a 16month period. 

We can ship out your order (added expenses apply), or you can pick it up from the NAIA Airport (Manila) - formerly known as Manila International Airport.

We carfully pack the leaves ourselve by hand.