ECOROX (living sterilizer)

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1000 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
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Place of Origin:
Seoul, South Korea
Brand Name:
living sterilizer, rox,:
multiple sterilizer


living sterilizer for home
99.9% antiseptic water
tap water + foaming tablet
sterilizer without boiling water and chemical

To be planned to launch




 1.As safe as water


 2.Cheap and Easy : No cost for detergent


 3.From water to water : Hypochlorous water remains for 7days, and then return to natural water! (Eco-friendly)


 4.A new way to clean and sterilize : Harmless to human! No any chemicals!


 5.A true clean : Generating the antiseptics water molecules to clean surfaces and it leaves behind no chemical residue.



*How to use?


1.Pour water into spray body


2.Put a foaming tablet into water

     (If you want to use as deodorant, just add an

      air freshener tablet)  


3.Touch the power


4.After 3 minutes, hypochlorous acid water is made!


5.Then use it! 





  • Kitchen: dining table, dishcloth, kitchen knife, chopping board, and kitchen utensils, refrigerator, ingredient like egg, vegitable, fruit.
  • Bathroom: toilet, bathtub, bidet nozzle, and so on.
  • Interior: curtain, bedding, smelly clothes, air conditioner, humidifier,
  • toy, shoes and shoe shelf.
  • Others: hand washing, inside of car, indoor air cleaning (sterilizing virus in the air), pet and pet goods.


-Business and office

  • Cafeteria(kitchen, table, hand washing, indoor deodorization)/
  • Beauty salon(equipments, indoor deodorization)/
  • Office(office fixtures, indoor deodorization)