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All the material that motivated educators will need to teach, and eager learners will need to learn to read, write and spell in English and Afrikaans, as well as develop their Mathematical skills in the Foundation Phase.

The learning materials can also be used for Additional Language teaching or Learning Support in other grades.

All the Material what does this mean?

All printed material needed by both the educator and the learner!! Everything is provided: Illustrations, stories, key words, friezes, work sheets/books, consolidation task cards and games. Everything needed.

The educator will not have to buy, make or scrounge any other printed material. Everything is provided! Whats more: everything is neatly packaged on a CD so that the educator or school can print as many copies of all the material as they need! A learner loses a reader. no problem just print another one. In other words you do not have to buy new copies! Reprints are ALL FOR FREE! Make as many as you want and save your school a fortune!!

Everything needed?

has 25 years of relevant educational experience. She is the author and co-author of over 70 educational books and modules. She knows exactly what educators need to teach and the learners need to learn in English, Afrikaans and Maths in the Foundation Phase. (Grade R to Grade 3).

Saretta designed EDUFRIENDS to fully comply with the National Curriculum Statement and Outcome Based Education. EduFriends provide everything that is needed to comply with the Learning Outcomes and Assessments Standards stated for Mathematics and Reading. You as the educator will not have to fork out any time or money to find, make or buy any other material. Everything you need is provided!

Nowhere in South Africa are there material even close to the total solution being offered by EDUFRIENDS!! Integration

The learning materials are integrated with other learning areas e.g. on the top, left corner of each zigzag book of Reading Friends, the Learning Area, Learning Outcome and Assessment Standard are indicated.


All material begins easy and progressively more vocabulary, concepts, skills, values and attitudes are introduced. Logical and well-planned progression! Consolidation takes place in a variety of ways to keep learners interested.


All Maths task cards are differentiated. Learners sharing a table can do different consolidation work, which will enable teachers to assess the learners progression! You may even create special task cards by just changing some numbers to accommodate more advanced or slower learners.

Learning Support

The same learning materials can be used for Learning Support in other grades. When a learner lacks a solid foundation, the Learning Support Educator must begin with the first set and work through all the sets with the learner. However, if a learner has a small and specific problem the Learning Support educator can simply find and print the relevant material from earlier sets to fill the gaps and give the learner a chance to catch up.

Learning Support has just become exact!!

Thorough development of Knowledge and Skills

Some educational books are restricted in the number of pages that is printed to keep cost low and that inevitably leads to skimping in some areas. EDUFRIENDS does not skimp!! Each Maths, Phonics or Spelling set includes detailed explanations and enough consolidation tasks or games.

Free Advice and Support

has a great reputation for excellent support. So much so that it has happened that a school principal will sit with her on the phone for an hour to discuss an educational problem at his school. A problem that had nothing to do with EDUFRIENDS!!

Saretta says: Any problem! Whatsoever! Please call or e-mail me. I work from home and most of the time Im there. I would love to hear from you and be of assistance. Even if you dont have a problem, still call me!

Extremely affordable

Once you examine the vast amount of learning materials provided on a single EDUFRIENDS CD, you will realize the enormous amount of time and money that you save! Just calculate the time and money educators will need to create, find or scrounge for something similar. EDUFRIENDS empowers educators to use their valuable time to do what they should be doing: To teach and support learners.

Ease of Use

Everything is on the CD. Only one item: The CD, to keep book of! Load and store all the Learning Materials on the computer to look at. Quickly find what you need and just print what you need!

EDUFRIENDS is of the highest quality

has personally designed all the material and every set has her stamp of approval. 25 Years of top-notch education experience and more has gone into the creation of EDUFRIENDS!


Your CD with the learning materials that you ordered will be in the post within 24 working hours of receiving your order and payment. That is our promise!


Would you like to give your kids a head start that will change their lives forever! EDUFRIENDS is ideally suited for home schooling. A granny even sent a set overseas to help her daughter teach her kids Afrikaans. Support your kids when unforeseen problems keep them from progressing satisfactory, e.g. a long absenteeism due to injury or illness, travelling or moving to a new school? EduFriends is so Easy!!

Everything is explained in such detail that with the minimum effort you can lift your kid up to heights you never dreamed that they could reach! A kid with a solid foundation in languages and maths will sail through school into a future with unlimited possibilities. Give your kids a head start with EduFriends and you will give them a gift of immeasurable value.

Promote EduFriends and earn Easy Money!

Ex-educators who would like to earn Easy Money by promoting EDUFRIENDS at schools and ECD- institutions please contact me. Ex-educators who would like to use EDUFRIENDS to give private learning support classes please contact me as well.