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NEWSMART brand Earthworm Killer, a turf-protection product that is developed by our company, is a pure natural non-ionic surface

NEWSMART brand Earthworm Killer, a turf-protection product that is developed by our company, is a pure natural non-ionic surface-active chemical preparation with good functions. It is not only used to kill insects (especially earthworms) in turf, but also used in the protection of golf and tennis courses. It can be biodegraded in soil. Owning to its nontoxic and high-efficient characteristics, it does no harm to environment and becomes a promising environment-protection earthworm killer. 


Earthworm is usually regarded as an animal, which is beneficial to soil. But in golf courses, it is not the case. Its dung forms some dunghills on turf, which not only destroy the beauty of turf and make players unpleasant, but also hamper games and the rules of games cannot be carried out regularly. Therefore, in golf courses, people either sweep the dunghills into the thick growth of grass or spray dilute insecticide.


As we know, it is a waste of time and energy to sweep dunghills into thick grass. They must be swept every morning. When it is a rainy day, new dunghills will crop up because earthworms move about more actively after rain. So it is troublesome to clear dunghills on turf. On the other hand, it is not very effective to apply spray insecticide. Moreover, in order to prevent the new dunghills, we must spray insecticide on a large scale in a short period. Earthworm dilute killer can kill the underground earthworms immediately. Even if the live earthworms creep out of the ground, they will also be killed. So this kind of killer can prevent the emergence of dunghills effectively.


Application instructions:

1.Compound the chemical liquid in the proportion of 1000 milliliters water to 1.25 grams killer.

2.Apply 0.5 to 1 liter per square meter.

3.Had better spray after rain or in the early morning.

4.Water once within two or three hours after spraying.

5.It is more effective to spray again after about five days of the first spray.



1.Apply this killer on wet soil.

2.Earthworm killer is an environment-protection insecticide. It is nontoxic to crops, turf and human being. Please rest assured.

3.Water in time within two or three hours after spraying.

4.Mixing with other chemicals is not advised.

5.Keep in cool and dry places.

6.Earthworm killer is not harmful to people, but its powder irritates peoples mucosa. Therefore, while applying this killer, we must wear protective articles, such as mouth-muffle and gloves.