Eco-Friendly Epolxy Paint (Urethan Paint)

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Place of Origin:
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Main Raw Material:
Building Coating
Brand Name:


Natural unorganic minerals composed of pure pine extracts remove irritation on odor.

[Product Description]


1. Sick building syndrome, sick school syndrome, sick old-house syndrome are done. - have fresh air and feel like being in the forst.


2. Vitamin on air emit a lot of anion - prevention of change by active oxygen, stabilizing effect on autonomic nervous system, blood circulation,

accelerate metabolism.


3. More than 93% of emissivity is getting materialized by highly-qualified far-infrared radiation. it stimulates particles on cell vitalize and foster.


4. There's no irritation on odor and it is availble to use since the day construction starts - natural unorganic minerals composed of pure pine

extracts remove irritation on odor.


5. You can have it right the day under const



6. Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, all harmful chemicals deodorized, mothproof excellent, humidity controlled beautiful and various colors let you display diverse - beautiful, and various colors are available to show differently everytime you display and you can always put on wall or wall paper.


7. Phytoncide effect completely blocks from sick building syndrome or old house one - natural pine tree extracts give phytoncide effect which makes very fresh environment just like being surrounded by pine trees.