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We export eicher diesel generators from 7.5kva to 45kva. Eicher rtu sets are designed with most mode

We export eicher diesel generators from 7.5kva to 45kva. Eicher rtu sets are designed with most modern aircooled diesel engine technology and conform to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification. Eicher engines are well known for economics of performance and reliability. Eicher engines operating on principles of tqm, tpm, SGA, kaizen to meet the global standards of quality and productivity.

Our scope of supply:
Diesel engines
Rtu diesel generators
Sound proof generators
Amf generators

Salient features of 'eicher' generators:
- low fuel consumption
- low maintenance cost
- individual blowers for each cylinder - uniform cooling of
Cylinder liners
- compact modular construction, commonality of spares -
Lower parts inventory required.
- plateu honed liners
- dvm steel oil control ring - lube oil consumption below 0.5%
- piston coolng through oil jets
- stringent quality control
- compliance to latest emission norms as per cpcb

Advantages of 'eicher' diesel engines:
* low maintenance cost, free from frequent monitoring of water
Levels, radiator de-scaling.
* higher reliability, lesser number of moving parts, lower
Wear & tear and breakdowns
* very low cold wear-longer life
* suitble for working in extreme temperature conditions.
Engines reach their operating temperature very easily.

Additional features:
* compact engines
* direct mounting of alterntor: Eliminates tyre coupling -
Cost saving.
* safeties - llop, hct
* dry type air cleaner
* class a1 governing
* compliance to emission norms as per cpcb

Eicher generators: Suitable for nursing homes, hotels and
Restaurents, small scale industry, poulty farms, laboratories, banks, shops, farm houses etc.

Sound proof generators: In place of base frame, it will form the integrated part of canopy, the canopied set will be offered will conform to cpcb noise norms (less than 75db at 1 meter distance).
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