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A device to reduce reactive power and eliminate standby power for communication and video appliances

Multi-functional Power Controller   Saving & Safety

1. Power factor enhancement  minimizes reactive power and loss of  transmission line
    and   transformer  (around 17-25% reduce)

2. Minimize the unnecessary power consumption by cutting off standby power
    (Consumes only less than 0.15W)

3. Prevent fire or electrical hazard in case of over current, overload, and short circuit

4. Protect electrical appliances from surge or impulse due to thundering or lightening
     (cut off power in case of  6800J 6KV or higher)

5. Save monitor power by automatic shut off when not in use for long (min : 25%)

6. Improve user convenience with automatic control function using human detect sensor,
    current sensor, and  infrared sensor.

7. Show real time information of power usage, time, CO2 consumption through LCD
    window  ( Premium model )