Eyesight Recovering Apparatus

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Eyes are moved by muscles ( internal ocular muscle, cilliary muscles, iris, extra ocular muscle-rectus muscle , oblique muscle). So eyeball muscle or training is necessary.

Frequently using muscles are developing. But muscles that less activity amount of muscles are progressing to degeneration.

This situation is called eyesight declining. This means that recovery of eyesight is possible the other way around.



1. The Core Technology

 1) Eyeball Training Mechanism according to the fusion of both eyes and monocular independency.

 2) Training Mechanism of ciliary muscle (accommodation muscle of crystalline lens), external

     ocular muscle (rectus muscle and oblique muscle outside of eyeball) by adjusting teres muscle

 3) The mechanism of iris by the function of brightness accommodation.

 4) Chiropractic vibration function for acupoints

2. Once people generally start to use a PersonalScope-EX, it will prevent amplyopia mostly due to wearing eye-glasses as well as possible blindness from surgeries. Ultimately, it will build a society where visual acuity can be safely recovered.



Item's Use, Function, Character and Merit

1) Item's use : prevention of eyesight declining and training device for eyeball muscle

2) Function : With the eyeball muscle strength movement of 3~5 times daily , and training times

                   30~50 minutes, a remarkable eyesight improvement is made.

Eyeball muscle strength movement : by the control of a far and near sense, movement training of cillia muscle (crystalline lens control muscle), extraocular muscle(eyeball's external direct muscle and cross muscle), iris movement training by brightness control function and slightly pressure on the places (Acupuncture Point) around the eyes by the vibration.

3) Technical Character : This device realized as eyeball training mechanism on the base of clinical

                                    knowledge base by both eyes, one eye independent image.

                                    Additionally, "Acupuncture Point" massage function was provided by

                                    vibration mechanism.

4) Merit : This device can provide recovery of eyesight more safely from eyesight declining during

              wearing glasses and from the possibly going blind by the surgical operation.



Product's character and effectiveness


(1) Both eyes fusion (two eyes match with one image) and eyeball training of one eye's independent image.

(2) Far and near control and repeated eyeball movement.

(3) Iris movement by brightness control function