FRP Road Sign

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Place of Origin:
Shanghai, China
FRP Road Sign:
FRP Road Sign


FRP Road Sign

We can make the FRP road sign with different thickness and Signal base from customer’s requirement any shapes

with coating, with engineer grade and high intensity grade film can be available.


FRP Road Sign posts are robust yet very easily to install. With timber or steel posts you have the hassle of preparation and painting. Wooden posts need priming, undercoating and glossing. The strength of small timber posts is not that great so you run the risk of posts snapping or splitting. Steel posts also need priming and painting. They are heavy so delivery costs more. Steel posts will also rust if scratched or chipped. These plastic sign posts are self coloured- you don't need to paint them- ever. They are as light as timber but stronger than steel.KEY BENEFITS:

  • Lightweight- 75% less weight than a standard 1.12lb u-channel post
  • Fast fitting- drive in with a normal post driver or lump hammer.
  • Zero maintenance- no painting required- ever.
  • Colours- a wide range of standard colours available from stock.
  • Cheaper shipping- less weight means cheaper delivery charges.
  • Re-useable- your posts can be used again and again.
  • Safer-our plastic sign posts are non-conductive. If you accidentally drive a post into an underground cable the risk of personal injury is lessened.

At present, it is a trend to use the fiberglass profile  as post, it is a new type of post and will replace the wood post,iron post and aluminum post step by step.
Wood is apt to corrode, iron is adp to rust and aluminum is apt to oxidate, while fiberglass is the combination of resin and fiberglass,it is corrosion resistant and anti-ageing.


  • U-Turn Prohibited
  • No parking
  • No stopping or Standing
  • Left One Way Sings
  • Speed Limit
  • Horn Prohibited
  • Right Turn Prohibited
  • Overtaking Prohibited
  • Compulsory Turn Left Ahead
  • Compulsory turn Right Ahead
  • Compulsory Keep Left
  • Compulsory sound Horn
  • Right One Way Signs
  • No Entry
  • Eating Place
  • Public Telephone
  • Resting Place
  • Hospital
  • Bus Stop
  • Filling Station



       High Strength

       Durable and Tough

       Dent Resistant



                   Inherent color


                   Crack and Splinter-Proof


    Exceptional strength to weight properties

    Chemical and corrosion resistant

    Excellent structural properties and dimensional stability

    Independent of temperature         

             extremes and humidity

    Water and weather resistant

          UV and fire retardancy

          Low electrical and thermal conductivity

          Very low coefficient of expansion

          Consistent color throughout the part

          Easily cut, chamfered and drilled