First Flush Diverter Systems

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HYDRO DYNAMICS designs First Flush Diverter Systems for domestic and industrial applications.

HYDRO DYNAMICS designs First Flush Diverter Systems for domestic and industrial applications.

A first flush diverter takes a predetermined amount of water from a roof when rainfall begins. This first water normally contains leaves, insects, spider webs and sediment that have accumulated on the roof and in the gutters during the periods between rainfalls. The system works by diverting this first water to a pipe or tank system designed to hold the specified amount of water that is to be flushed. Once the pipe and/or tank system is full the clean water now flows into the main rain tank preventing contamination of the clean drinkable rain water with unwanted sediment etc.

The amount of water to be diverted is based on the size of the roof that will be used to collect rain water. A small diverter system, at a townhouse for example, might store 100 litres of flush water before overflowing into the main storage tank while a large warehouse may require diversion of 5 000 litres or more of water before it allows clean water to flow in to main storage tanks.

The water collected during diversion can either be allowed to drain after the rainfall ends or stored temporarily and later used for irrigating lawns or plants. We can also fit systems with a special drain that allows the diverter to empty slowly over time requiring little to no maintenance and saving water during intermittant rains.

If you plan on using the collected rainwater in your home or office for drinking purposes or if you have an automatic irrigation system we strongly recommend that you consider a first flush diverter system to give you cleaner, safer water in your tanks.

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