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Quick Details
Dried, Preserved, Snack
Vacuum Pack
Max. Moisture (%):
3% or less than
Weight (kg):
Shelf Life:
18 months
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Thai Ao Chi


Freeze dried 100% rambutan Natural / No cholesteral.

Vacuum Freeze Dried Rambutan.


The raw materials are prepared and frozen solid, and then freeze dried in a vacuum chamber. Under this process, water contained as ice in the cells of products will be converted to be steam, while the shape, size, color and other properties are retained in the products. Selecting the Vacuum Freeze Drying Process and dark-air-tight packing is the best method of long term food preservation, it retains the aroma, color, texture and nutrients without requiring the addition of preservatives, Fruits maintain their visual appeal as well as their nutritional value and original flavour.


Usage: Snack food

Packing:  50 gm./ bag ( 30 bags / carton)

Nw. :  1.50 kg

Gw. : 2.48 kg.

Shelf life : 18 Months


Nutritional Value of Rambutan
Rambutan fruit is rich carbohydrate, protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, calcium and vitamin C. Eating five fruit in a day can seriously decrease the chance of cancer. Rambutan fruit is also very effective in the treatment of lowering blood pressure, diabetis and dysentry.