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BS MPD 500

GENERAL: Types manufactured as suction or pressure according to customer requirements.   Full compability with the automation and payment registiration systems   The outer panels are corrosion resistant,galvanized and electrostatically powder coated MOTOR: 380 V /50 Hz Three phase (220 V single phase optional)  Guarded against excessive load, ex-proof, 0.75 kW, 380 V / 50 Hz three phase motor (220 V single phase optional) METER: All our pumps equipped with electronically calibrated, positive displacement piston type, precisely adjustable meters with +-0.0025 accuracy.D0SPLAY:  1" (25.4 mm) high LCD display with 6 digits for money (8 digits optional), 6 digits for liter and 4 digits for unit pricePUMPING UNIT:  Positive displacement,rotary type,V-belt driven, integrated air eliminator,by-pass valve,suction filter and 45/80/120 lt/min. flows. DATA PROCESSING UNIT br>   Data processing unit developed by Baransay Electronic Developing and Research Department controls the both sides of the dispenser by two individual cards. That gives a big advantage by ensuring the continuity of the refueling process on one side in case of a failure on the other side  Full compability with the automation and payment registiration systems, double channel electronic pulse generator, preset for money and liter, monitoring of the flow rate during refueling, electronic total, electronic calibration, automatic error detection and display of the error codes, 72 hours battery back-up for the memory in case of power failures, troublefree operation between 170/240 Volt power supply, password protection for several usersKEYBOARD: Backlit and multifunction keyboard with emergency stop Button and membrane swiches enable the adjustment of the unit price, the presetting of the liter and money, the display of the totals and the display of the data previous sales easily. TOTALIZER: Our dispensers have 12 digit electronic totalizer. (7 digit electromechanical totalizer is optional) NOZZLE and HOSE: 3/4 or 1 automatic, aliminium boby nozzles are used depending on the flooe rate. The hose diameters are 5/8 or 1 depending the flow. 360 degree rotating swivels are standart accessories. (Breakaway coupling and sight glasses are optional). . CONFIGURATION:  BS MPD 500 1-1 (1 Product  1 Nozzle)  BS MPD 500 2-2 (2 Products  2 Nozzles)  BS MPD 500 3-6 (3 Products  6 Nozzles)  BS MPD 500 4-8 (4 Products  8 Nozzles)  BS MPD 500 5-10 (5 Products  10 Nozzles)