Fusion Concrete Admixture,

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Fusion Crete
The reinvention of concrete on the 21th century.


Fusion Crete

The reinvention of concrete on the 21th century


Has Fusion-Crete has made believers of us all?  We were told it would work, we were told it should last longer than the concrete the Fusion-Crete was bonded to.  Nobody would have expected time to fly so quickly that almost like seeing into the future fifteen (15) years have passed quickly and on visual inspection of the projects completed in 1992 and 1993, we can actually see the results of the application of Fusion-Crete and in turn determine its successes and its failures.


Fusion-Crete was touted as to good to be true.  Is it possible that a concrete product can successfully bond to deteriorated concrete and withstand all the forces of nature that caused the original concrete to deteriorate in the first place.  Concrete Magic was coined the Fusion-Crete byword to describe how magically a concrete surface was transformed from a deteriorated and damaged surface to like new condition. 



The founders of A T Trading were very careful to not promote Fusion-Crete as a product of space age technology for fear that the hype would be short lived if the product couldnt last through the first winter.  Behold, the application of Fusion-Crete in Alberta, Canada, in the fifty (50) states of United States of America, and country such as Australia and New Zealand  is over fifteen (15) years old and looks and performs as well as it did the day it was installed.  Over thousands towns and cities in United States and Canada have utilized Fusion-Crete to help restore and beautify their existing sidewalks and curb and gutters.  Thousands of Property Management companies have used Fusion-Crete to repair steps, retaining walls, concrete pools and decks, sidewalks in front our strip malls, repairs on parkade structures, bridge parapet walls, garage floors and large concrete pads.



Fusion-Crete has successfully been used in all applications relating to concrete restoration and resurfacing with a success rate greater than 99%.  The 1% failure would be categorized as potions of a project failing to be addressed including, inaccurate determination of the use of the Fusion-Crete product or simply put the use of the product in unsuitable conditions, conditions the product should never be considered suitable in the application; improper surface preparation prior to the application of Fusion-Crete; provisions made fro moving joints and especially cracks in the original concrete.  All of these failure categories can be addressed prior to the application of Fusion-Crete by taking the necessary steps to minimize or mitigate these potential failure areas.


Preventing failures at moving joints require a different treatment process.  Essentially the trick is to ensure that the application of Fusion-Crete be limited to individual moving slabs.  Fusion-Crete will successfully bond to all concrete substrates and if movement from an adjacent slab or structure does not impede or prevent normal movement failures at moving joints are minimized.


Fusion-Crete is a system.  The application of Fusion-Crete has evolved over the last ten years from very complicated and difficult application techniques requiring specialized concrete finishers to the re-engineered application of Fusion-Crete today, which is quite different.    Like all great systems if each step is followed in logical sequence, the result is application techniques that pay total attention to detail, faster production, and of most importance a quality application.


The final result is a concrete overlay system that has the perception of total removal and replacement without all the inherent problems commonly encountered with total replacement. 


A recent project completed in the Town of Canmore, Canada  involved the repair and resurfacing of core downtown sidewalks and curb and gutter.  The existing sidewalks are over thirty-five years old again had experienced considerable movement due to settlement and frost heaving.  The surfaces of the sidewalks were spalled and pitted likely the result of repeated salt application to prevent ice buildup over the years.  The condition of the sidewalks would be considered dangerous to pedestrians due to the apparent tripping hazards caused by the different heights of adjacent concrete slabs.


The existing curbs and gutters had significant damage likely caused by snow removal operations a common and necessary operation of this mountain community.


The first step involved sandblasting the painted curbs and the removal of an abundance of bubble gum from the surface of the sidewalks.  Followed by an intense high-pressure water wash to clean the existing concrete surfaces.  All cracks within the project area were then stitched using the ABS Crack Stitching Method.


A base coat of Fusion-Crete was then applied at various thicknesses throughout the length of the project to achieve a uniform and consistent surface eliminating all potential tripping hazards.  Positive drainage to the curbline was achieved wherever possible. There were some limitations with access doors to businesses, which did not allow for adequate slope away from the storefront towards the curb.

A finish coat of Fusion-Crete was applied to provide a skid-resistant uniform textured broom finish with 2 wide finished edging around the perimeter of each individual slab.

The curbs were repaired with Fusion-Crete built-up in areas and a broom finish throughout its length.


On completion an application of Protecrete Concrete Densifier, Hardener, and Sealer was applied to the Fusion-Crete Overlay system to provide long-term protection against weathering, water intrusion and salt or chemical damage.  Protecrete allows the Fusion-Crete overlay system to breath properly yet is designed to permanently protect the sidewalks.


Believe it or not Fusion-Crete has earned its way into the Concrete Hall of Fame.  A space age technology with characteristics found in no other product.  Applications suitable in our severe climatic conditions and yet the end product has the perception of new sidewalks without the high costs and considerable grievances typically caused by removal and replacement operations.  Fusion-Crete will be the success story and miracle product of the 21st Century.


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