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Skin Care, Facial Kit, Herbal Cosmetics, Personal Care Product.

A Royal Facial Treatment 

For a Visibly Radiant Skin

1. GOLD FACIAL CLEANSER Energised with detoxifying power 24 carat Gold, Saffron and Aloe Vera. MAC’S LAVERA Gold Facial Cleanser gently but deeply cleanse the skin of all the dirt, grime, toxins and infections & promotes healthy and beautiful complexion leaving behind a clean, fresh, soft, smooth and well hydrated skin.

2. GOLD Exfoliating FACIAL Scrub Rich in strong yet gentle, herbal exfoliating & peeling agents such as Tamarind, Apricot and Walnut, MAC’S LAVERA Gold Exfoliating Scrub is a wonderful exfoliating agent that through its physical and biochemical peeling actions gently removes the hard dead cells, dirt, grime and toxins, making skin extra smooth, soft and even toned with a visible glow.

3. GOLD MASSAGE CREAMMAC’S LAVERA - Gold Facial Massage Cream is a rich moisturising cream fortified with pure gold, Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil that deeply penetrates your skin thus providing the skin with vital lipids & nutrients to nourish and rejuvenate the skin at the cellular level, leaving behind a soft, supple and smooth skin with natural luminosity & spark.

4. GOLD  FACE  PACK - MAC’S LAVERA Gold Face Pack is a cream based face packenriched with Pure Gold, Saffron and Aloe Vera that promotes skin hydration and skin toning, making skin well hydrated, firm, smooth and radiant.

5. GOLD MOISTURISER - Apply Mac’s LAVERA 24 Carat Gold Moisturiser after facial and twice a day to enhance & prolong the effect of gold facial. Potentiated with 24 carat gold, gold moisturiser promotes skin hydration, stimulates cell regeneration and promotes nourishment to the skin, leading to a soft, supple, well-hydrated and youthful skin with a perfect natural radiance.


We recommend to use MAC’S LAVERA GOLD MOISTURISER once or twice daily which is potentiated with 24 carat gold promotes skin hydration, stimulates cell regeneration and nourishment to the skin, leading to a soft, supple, well-hydrated and youthful skin with a perfect natural radiance.


This Pack Contains:

1. Gold Facial Cleanser 15ml.

2. Gold Exfoliating Facial Scrub 15ml.

3. Gold Massage Cream 15ml.

4. Gold Face Pack 15ml.

5. Gold Moisturiser 15ml.