Herbal Wart Remover

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Just Herbal

Will It Scar?

Probably not.  Here are findings from our experience.

Do not apply paste to the good, surrounding skin.
Only use Mole & Wart EZ Clear   Remover on raised , , &
Do not pick at scab.
Keep the scab and surrounding skin areas clean to eliminate chance of infection.
Allow scab to dry and fall off naturally.
Apply twice daily.
Use Sun protection.

The new skin which you will see when the scab falls off will appear more pinkish than the surrounding areas. Over time the skin colouring will become blended.

Our very own experiences, and that of many clients, are that the area on which the wart or mole once was becomes totally normal and no evidence is left behind. .. thats just one of the things that impresses us.

It is our advice that you consult a medical professional to ensure that your skin growths are benign and that you have no medical reason not to administer our
Natural Mole & Wart Remover