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MicroRed NGN BTS
MicroRed NGN CPE
Licensed Band 2. 3-2. 7Ghz, 5. 1-5. 8Ghz
54Mbps supports
5, 10 and 20 MHz channel

MicroRed NGN Point To Point

The MicroRed Product Family P2P extremely cost effective P2P Solution for Telcos and MicroRed Product P2P is available in a large variety of frequency bands and can be equipped with Ethernet or balanced and unbalanced E1 interfaces. MicroRed products Replaces leased line services in most cases by just changing from the currently provided connection to one of the versatile PointRed interfaces.

Due to the advanced implementation of Time Division Duplex in the wireless domain the Micro Red products can operate on a single channel and do not need a guard band between the transmit and receive signals. This allows Network operators to implement far more systems using the MicroRed products compared to Frequency Division Duplex products.

MicroRed Family offer the following products for Service provider, enterprise, municipality, ISP looking to connect remote facilities.

 MicroRed NGN Point To Multipoint

MicroRed NGN is World's First Radio Chip Solution which supports 2.3-2.7Ghz, 4.9- 5.875 GHz.

ISPs, Operators and Enterprise Networks need Higher bandwidth for various application requirement MicroRed NGN CPE Point-to-Point system leverages the excellent multi-path resistance capabilities of OFDM technology. This advanced capacity, reliability and link availability reduces the solution cost and avoids the need for expensive backhaul systems such as leased lines or pure line-of-sight (LOS) wireless systems.


Worlds First Single Radio Chip Solution supports 2.3-5.875 GHz
Near Non Line of Sight Solution
Single and Two Radio MicroRed NGN Solution
Hot-Standby solution ensuring no degradation of service or packet loss
Optional ISDN Backup with Dial on Demand feature
Supports Channel Bandwidth of 5, 10 & 20 MHz
Supports Bridge, Routing, Multiple SSID upto 10, VLAN Grouping & Qos.
Supports Security Features such as 64/128/154 bit WEP Encryption, 802.1x Authentication, AES- CCM & TKIP Encryption
Supports Multiple E1 Interface Such as Ethernet, 1E1 4E1, ISDN Dial back-up (optional)
High Output power of +26dBM
Best Rx sensitivity of 89dBM
Supports PTP, PMP & Cell IP Routing
EMC, ETSI, FCC Certified
Over the Air Remote Firm Upgrades
Centralized NMS to monitor all the Radio elements in the Network
Throughput of 35 MBPS
Excellent QOS for SIP Based Communication