High Rigidity Construction Slab Mould for Ribbed Waffle Slabs

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Brand Name:
Teknik kalip
Model Number:
Shaping Mode:
Product Material:
All dimension in project
Reinforcement inner surface:
Wood or iron
Reinforcement sides:
Iron profile
Surface treatment:
shiny and smooth

High Rigidity Construction Slab Mould for Ribbed Waffle Slabs


Main material is fiberglass NOT PLASTIC. Plastics makes expansion under heat, and shirinks when it go cold. So it causes a lot of extra terrible concrete cracks like attached picture. (water dropping through the cracks in concrete)


Available in a lot of sizes and also can be designed for every project

Generally up to 50 uses per mould

Significant concrete saving compared with conventional floors

Can be put one in another for less area usage in storage nad transport



Main material : Fiberglass reinforced polyester

Frame : Iron profile

Inside reinforcement : Wood or metal

Dimensions : Feasible all dimensions




1-The most known and used type of waffle moulds.


2-The most cost effective way of production even the demand is very low. 10pcs production can be


    applied profitably.


3-Has an unlimited design elasticity, no problem what you need.


4-Can be produced and modified easily by hand.


5-The main material is glass fiber and the exposed surface is very hard, smooth and shiny better than


    the alternatives.


6-Has the advantage of extra reinforcement with iron or wood against the outside pressure.


7-Has the elasticity of strenght modes by changing the material, thickness and the process.


8-Easy demoulding, striking


9-Life of the mould can be well in excess of 50 uses under normal usage conditions.


10-Lighter than metals and heavier than thermoplastics.


11-All projects can be applied with no restriction.


12-Easy to repair and not costly.


13-Ideal for rigidity and elasticity for a mould.


14-Maximum heat deflection temperature with minimum bending under curing condition.Best advantage against thermoplastics.


15-Has a good and familiar second hand value in market.


16-The finished floor provides an attractive visual feature beter than the alternatives.